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Cain Accuser’s Former Boyfriend Corroborates Her Account

The former boyfriend of Sharon Bialek, the woman who has accused Herman Cain of groping her back in 1997, backed up some of Bialek’s story on Monday. The press conference by Shreveport, La., pediatrician Dr. Victor Zuckerman won’t sink Cain’s presidential aspirations, but it does add some credibility to Bialek’s assertions. 

Cain Accusers’ Joint Press Conference a ‘Certainty’

Two of the women who have accused presidential hopeful Herman Cain of sexual harassment have agreed to appear together at a joint press conference to discuss the specifics – and similarities – of their complaints against Cain.

Joel Bennett, the attorney for Karen Kraushaar, who settled a sexual harassment complaint against Cain …

What Herman Cain and Kim Kardashian Have in Common

Kim Kardashian got married. Now she’s getting a divorce. Lindsay Lohan went to jail. Now she is being released. Paris Hilton went to a party. Now she wants to be a DJ. We know all this because there is a whole industry built up around chronicling the lives of people who are famous for no other reason than their fame. As Daniel Boorstin …

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