health reform

“The Law of the Land”

Like it or not, the Affordable Care Act is now law. Barring full repeal or a court finding that it’s unconstitutional – impossible in the near term and fairly unlikely in the long term – there’s not much those opposed to the law can do to resist it.

But yet, some of the people who may be in charge of enforcing the law are telling …

Marco Rubio Doesn’t – or Didn’t – Get It

There are a few very simple truths about how health insurance works, which some commentators and politicians can’t seem to grasp. The result is a constant drumbeat of disingenuous statements that misrepresent how health reform will work and why the Affordable Care Act was written as it is.

The latest failure to grasp comes from …

National Politics and State Realities at Odds

Kevin Sack has an illuminating piece in the New York Times on the conundrum that politicians – especially Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats – face while trying to balance a fiercely partisan political climate against the woes of a sagging economy. Case in point: Medicaid, one of the most expensive programs in every state in the …

Pawlenty Tells Feds to Keep Their Medicaid Money

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is feeling pretty good today. After using his political power as the state’s Republican leader and his veto power as governor, Pawlenty has notched a massive state budget victory that Politico’s Ben Smith says lays the groundwork for the governor’s assumed 2012 presidential run.

Refusing to compromise …

Is the NFIB Really a Voice for Small Businesses?

Today, the National Federation of Independent Business joined the states suing the federal government on the grounds that federal health reform is unconstitutional. Wow – this ups the ante, right?

Politico seems to think so, saying its daily health care alert this morning:

…politically and symbolically, it could make the

“Rationing” is Back!

If you’re still mourning the loss of the health care debate’s heated rhetoric, don’t despair. It’s about to get another lease on life thanks to the upcoming confirmation hearing for Donald Berwick, Obama pick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

This is a powerful position within the Department of Health and …

Elena Kagan and Health Reform

During Elena Kagan’s Senate confirmation hearing, the American public will get a sneak peak of a particularly contentious case that may reach the Supreme Court – the constitutionality of the new health reform law. Several Republican senators have already indicated they plan to ask Kagan about her view of the law’s mandate that …

Under Pressure

The final leg in the health reform debate marathon may seem like a distant memory. The media has been focused on financial reform, immigration reform and most recently, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the man who tried to bomb Times Square.

But some recent health care news provides good reason to look back on what pushed …

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