$40 million for Florida

The Obama folks have a new video out today with David Plouffe asking for money not just to defend against “McCain’s latest lies” but to fund their ground game. In the video Plouffe “opens up the hood a little bit” and tells supporters that they’re budgeting a whopping $39,300,000 for the state of Florida alone – just one of the …

Florida Voter Registration

Some interesting news out of Florida this morning – seems a massive Dem voter registration drive is yielding results in the Sunshine State. In Broward County alone more than 30,000 new Democrats have registered since December. That’s compared to 7,000 new Republicans and 6,000 new Independents. Of course, Obama had that huge voter …

Inside Today’s RBC Meeting

Having run the gauntlet of protesters this morning (mostly HRC folks bussed in from a dozen states), I’ve been sitting in the RBC meeting all day. They’re just wrapping up the Michigan arguments before breaking for a much-delayed lunch. The committee is expected to make a decision after lunch but the buzz around the room is they will …

Hillary’s Excuse to Fight On?

Hillary’s lawyers today outlined her wish list to the RBC in an open letter to committee members attached after the jump. She again takes a hard line the she wants all delegates seated with 100% of the votes and apportioned the way the states voted in January, even as the Clinton camp braced for defections amongst her 13 supporters on …

Rules & Bylaws Agenda

So, what exactly will the much anticipated Rules & Bylaws Committee be discussing this Saturday in Washington? Some juicy tidbits from the schedule being circulated:

Florida has two challenges before the committee, one to reinstate its superdelegates as the state contends that the committee did not have the jurisdiction to remove those …

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