Powell Endorses Obama

Colin Powell today announced on NBC’s Meet the Press he’s crossing party lines and to become the highest-ranking Republican to endorse Barack Obama.

The former general and secretary of state under President Bush said that after following the race closely for the last two months, he was left troubled by the McCain’s handling of the …

Bill and Barack Chat

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton chatted over the phone today, dispelling rumors that the former president has been reluctant in his endorsement of Obama. Clinton insiders explained his absence in New Hampshire, saying he wanted to give his wife, the candidate, the spotlight to do the unity event alone. The Obama campaign has said …

Gore Endorses Obama

Not that this comes as a surprise, but read his endorsement here if your interested. And Gore will appear with Obama tonight in Michigan for those of you looking for something to watch on cable tv tonight.

Edwards for Hillary?

So Edwards isn’t ruling out endorsing anybody. But that statement from the campaign can be translated into: Edwards isn’t ruling out endorsing Hillary and the Inside the Beltway rumor mill abounds with speculation. It is a prospect that I find incredibly surprising, though, since he’s spent the last several months talking about how …