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In Search of Britain’s Swing Vote

While trapped in the United Kingdom by volcanic ash, I decided to visit one of the dozen crucial swing constituencies to find out what British voters are thinking ahead of next week’s general election. Over the past decade, I’ve canvassed thousands of voters in just about every swing state: I once spent two days in Pennsylvania exurban …

Who Won the 2nd UK debate?

I need say nothing else. From Time’s London Bureau Chief Catherine Mayer:

Who won the second of the televised debates between the three men battling to be Britain’s next Prime Minister? The current Labour PM Gordon Brown? His Conservative challenger David Cameron? The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, elevated by last week’s d

(Tea) Party in the UK

As my twitter followers know, I’ve been marooned in London due to volcanic ash. It’s been a real hardship, I can tell you. Glorious spring is bursting in St. James Park where blue herons and swans will virtually eat bread out of your hand. There’s a great Chris Ofili exhibit – the guy whose cow elephant dung Virgin Mary so

A Historic Event: Britain’s First Televised Campaign Debate

From Catherine Mayer, TIME’s London Bureau Chief:

On one topic at least there was a perfect consensus when the leaders of Britain’s three largest political parties faced each other in a 90-minute televised debate this evening, ahead of elections on May 6. This was the first ever such contest, and everyone – the protagonists Prime …