Take Back America

Not unsurprisingly, Obama won the Take Back America straw poll. The progressives today finish their annual three-day conference here in DC. A whopping 72% were for Obama, compared to 16% for Clinton, with just 12% saying they’d be happy with either. And 69% said Obama was better equipped to beat McCain versus 15% for Clinton. (See …

Speaking of Veep

Obama finally struck back at the Clintons’ sugestions that he would make a fabulous vice president, urging voters not to be hoodwinked and trotting out Bill Clinton’s own criteria for his VP choice in 1992.

Bill Clinton on CBS News on May 22, 1992:

Q. What’s–what’s the most important criteria, as far as you’re concerned?
A. Someone who

The Question of Veep

Bill Clinton, campaigning in Pass Christian, Mississippi, today underlined the Clinton campaign’s latest favorite narrative: that they’d like to see Barack Obama as Hillary’s vice president.

I know that she has always been open to it, because she believes that if you can unite the energy and the new people that he’s brought in

Lap of Luxury

Responding to Karen’s post…

We did stay at the swanky Fairmont Hotel last night in Chicago, which had a nice spa and offered $60 specialty bathes that the hotel’s bubble bath connoisseur (talk about a career specialty!) can run for any guest. And tonight we’re staying somewhere pretty nice as well, though the Secret Service might …

Care For a Mint With That Pillow?

Anyone wondering if tonight’s debate between Obama and Clinton would be sugar or spice you got your answer 16 minutes in: SPICE!

After a 16 minute somewhat testy but nicely substantive exchange on healthcare – Obama challenged HRC to lay out how she’d enforce her mandate and she accused him of leaving 50 million people out in the …

Edwards, What’s Taking So Long?

What is John Edwards holding out for? Attorney general? Secretary of Labor?

With each passing day the power of an Edwards endorsement is dwindling. Which begs the question: why didn’t he strike while the iron is hot? The progressive groups that endorsed him – and those whose sway he could’ve claimed if he’d endorsed earlier – …

Slinging Cheese Curds

When did Wisconsin get so nasty? In week dominated by tit-for-tat conference calls, mailers and tv spots filled with accusations and counter-punches the Obama campaign said today they expect this is just a preview for the Ohio and Texas contests on March 4.

“I would imagine that what your seeing in Wisconsin is just a precursor to …

Obama Claims the (Thorny) Crown

His blowout victories yesterday in the Potomac Primaries have prompted Barack Obama’s campaign to finally embrace his frontrunner status. After weeks of downplaying expectations, even before contests where he led in the polls by 20+ percentage points, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe today said: “We believe that it’s next to …

Obama’s Hall Pass

Also today Obama began running national ads on CNN and MSNBC, a buy that includes Florida. The Clinton campaign held an outraged conference call with reporters saying this violated the pledge not to campaign in Florida. “This calls into question whether or not Senator Obama meant the pledge when he signed it or if losing three …

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