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Don Berwick on Defense

If Don Berwick’s first appearance before a hostile congressional committee is any indication, there is no way the Medicare/Medicaid chief will ever earn the support of enough Republicans to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Berwick, installed via recess appointment last July, gave testimony and took questions from members of the …

Rangel’s 5 Stages of Grief

Photo thanks to C-SPAN

Photo thanks to C-SPAN

Charlie Rangel is grieving. He’s grieving for his long-lost Ways & Means gavel. He’s mourning his 40-year reputation as an upstanding public servant that now lies in shreds in the well of the House floor. Today, the 80-year-old Harlem Democrat was censured by the House by a …

Maxine’s Goes on the De(O)ffense

Rep. Maxine Waters went on the offense with her defense against three ethics charges Friday morning with a 90-minute Capitol Hill press conference.

Waters move to try her case in the court of public opinion comes three days after former Ways & Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel took to the floor in a defiant speech defending …

The Other Scandal Of The Charlie Rangel Scandal

“A gaffe happens when someone slips up and tells the truth,” goes the old Washington saw. But there is a corollary: A scandal occurs when someone gets caught doing what everyone else is doing. Gambling in the casino!?! He had an affair?!? Ethics impropriety in the U.S. Congress!?! Clutch the pearls, call for an investigation, restore …

RE: Rangel’s Rant

Thanks to TIME’s Katy Steinmetz, a rough transcript of Rep. Charlie Rangel’s speech on the floor today:

The Speaker Pro Tempore: For what purpose does the gentleman from New York seek recognition? The house will be in order. Members will take their seats. The house will be in order. Members will please clear the aisles. The chair is …

Rangel’s Rant

Video courtesy of C-SPAN

In an unprecedented 31-minute speech on the House floor done against the advice of lawyers and friends, Rep. Charlie Rangel, attacked head on the allegations against him and the process under which he said he’s suffered unfairly.

Rangel seemed to indicate that he’s fired his lawyers, telling them he …

Ethical Dilemmas

The idea of House ethics has evolved over time. For example, when Daniel Webster was chairman of the Senate Finance Committee in the 1830’s, he was upfront about his second job working for the Bank of America. Few colleagues criticized him, or even took much notice, when he’d argue cases before the Supreme Court – then housed in …

Rangel’s Day in Court

Actually, it won’t quite be a court — though it could be down the road. A House ethics subcommittee has found that the erstwhile Ways & Means chairman likely violated House rules, a decision Rangel contested. So, in order to resolve the matter, an “adjudicatory subcommittee” must be convened to hear out the case. The first hearing will …

Ethics Under Attack

When Democrats rode into power in 2006, Speaker Pelosi promised they’d quickly pass their Six for ’06 agenda and that they’d “clean out the swamp.” Part of that agenda was to create an independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), which they did to great success. Yes, some Democrats have felt the pain of this office, ahem

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