Debt Ceiling Negotiators’ Task: Getting Cantor to Deal


There’s currently a lot of movement on the chess board of Washington’s debt ceiling game, and much of that action has one goal: returning the pieces back to their original positions — the king next to the queen and the pawns all in a row.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s startling proposition on Tuesday that …

The ‘Hell No’ Caucus Makes Its Stand

On Thursday afternoon, the House Democrats’ Steering and Policy Committee held a hearing on the consequences of a debt default. They invited four distinguished economists to sketch a gruesome picture: tanking markets, skyrocketing interest rates, a plunging dollar, a new recession–a grim chain of horrible outcomes that would scare any …

On Libya, a Split in Congress Means an Obama Win

The Obama administration continues its effort to outmaneuver Congress on the ongoing mission in Libya this week. On Tuesday afternoon the Senate will hold a cloture vote on the bill approved last week 14-5 by the Foreign Relations committee. It’s a narrow bill that authorizes Obama’s Libya war for a year.

Administration and …

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