Bill Clinton

What Jed Bartlet Would Have Thought of Barack Obama

Barack Obama is still all about message discipline these days. What was once “Win The Future” is now “Pass The Bill.” And when it comes to deficit reduction, the catch phrase is “Fair Share,” to be repeated at rallies, in formal addresses and in background comments from senior aides. Ain’t nothin’ new, of course, about “Fair Share,” a …

Political Vindication in Obama’s Bin Laden Speech

This is an exciting day–I can’t remember ever feeling jubilant about someone’s death before–and it’s probably lame to start dissecting the politics. Especially since the basic politics are no-duh obvious: This is a really great day for President Obama. But since this is supposed to be a blog about politics, and the dissections have …

Bill Clinton Takes Back The White House

Count this among the greatest miscalculations of President Obama’s career: “I’m going to let him speak very briefly,” Obama said Friday, upon introducing Bill Clinton in the White House briefing room for his triumphant, self-adulating return.

Clinton, a former president who still pines for the limelight, did not speak very …

The Elena Kagan Files

The Clinton Library just released online more than 46,000 pages of documents concerning Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and her work as a White House lawyer in the 1990s. Critics (and supporters) will be combing through these in advance of her upcoming Senate confirmation hearing, but if you want to have a peek on your own, the files are here.

Bill Clinton

was a hit at last night’s 125th annual Gridiron Dinner, where he filled in for Barack Obama as the main speaker. The punchline of the evening was his prediction for the health care bill:

“It may not happen in my lifetime, or Dick Cheney’s, but hopefully by Easter.”

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