Debate thoughts…

No game-changer; the debate essentially a tie. Maybe a slight edge on points to McCain as he did put Obama on the defensive quite a few times although at the price of a crusty tone. Both campaigns will now employ first-rate funhouse mirror logic to claim smashing victories. McCain will say this puts him back in the race. They won’t …

Palin’s “Good Looking”

Joe Biden called his vice presidential opponent Sarah Palin “good looking” at an event in Toledo yesterday. It was classic Biden, full of self-deprecating humor.

Biden: There’s a gigantic difference between John McCain and Barack Obama and between me and I suspect my vice presidential opponent and that is that – it’s obviously,

Surprise Guest

As Biden started speaking Obama’s protective press pool hustled into the press area, which means Obama’s in the building…

Obama spokeswoman Jenn Psaki tells us Obama will join Biden on the stage when he’s done speaking.

Dispatches from Springfield III

Chicago, Illinois
My story on the day’s events. Tomorrow we go to church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin followed by a picnic at the somewhat politically named Rod and Gun Park. I’m unsure if we’ll actually see Obama with a gun or a rod, but BBQ is promised.

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