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Abbas Out?

Maybe he’s not bluffing this time. The eminently reliable Ethan Bronner seems to think Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader, may well make good on his threat to quit. If he’s gone, the Palestinians are going to scuffle to find a new leader. Odds are, in such a fraught circumstance, they choose a tough guy, a hard-liner–to match the …

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Middle East Clarity

Over at the Commentary blog, Max Boot has made the Neocon-Likud position on peace talks fairly plain: the effort on the part of the Obama Administration to convince the Israelis to freeze all settlements has been “nonsense.” And while I agree that the Obama negotiators have been naive and incompetent in dealing with Likud intransigence, …

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Israel’s Rejectionist Front

Benjamin Netanyahu’s phony flexibility on a two-state solution was always transparent–and it’s now becoming apparent that Israel is the prime impediment to progress in the Middle East. Over the weekend, the State Department asked Israel’s Ambassador Michael Oren to convey U.S. displeasure over continued Israeli settlement expansion in …