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Political Deja Vu: Remembering that Other Gang of Six…

Count me among those skeptical that a new deficit summit/commission/gang will produce bipartisan consensus – and not just political theater. It’s no big secret what needs to be done to reduce the nation’s debt – raise taxes, cut spending or do both. While the details of what gets cut and who gets taxed are open to negotiation, …

Today In Twitter Wars: David Axelrod vs. Eric Fehrnstrom

Twitter wasn’t even a factor in the 2008 election. But that won’t be the case in 2012.

Exhibit A: Today’s impromptu tweet battle between President Obama’s top message adviser David Axelrod and Mitt Romney’s top communications adviser Eric Fehrnstrom.

It started when Fehrnstrom baited Axelrod with a tweet referring to Romney’s

Across Pennsylvania Ave., The Kumbaya Continues

Speaker John Boehner called it “a very nice lunch,” and sounded optimistic notes on finding “common ground.” Rep. Kevin McCarthy, another member of the GOP leadership, spoke of looking to places “where we can work together.” Rep. Eric Cantor praised “the need for all of us to work together.”

That was the news coming out of Wednesday’s …

In the Arena In the Arena


Just in time for Independence Day, we have Dorothy Rabinowitz pretty much calling the President of the United States unpatriotic:

Those qualities to be expected in a president were never about rhetoric; Mr. Obama had proved himself a dab hand at that on the campaign trail. They were a matter of identification with the nation and to all

In the Arena In the Arena

Bring it On?

Former Bush Deputy Commissar for Rove-Inspired Propaganda Pete Wehner has weighed in on the President’s “kick ass” comment to Matt Lauer and he was just shocked–shocked–by it. I agree it was pretty stupid and transparent: it smacked of Obama trying to prove that he was really, really pissed off about the oil spill. He probably is, but …

Was That Angry Enough?

Count me among those who are a little bored with the media narrative that President Obama doesn’t appear “angry” enough about the BP oil spill. Sure, symbolism is important in times like these and the public wants to know that its commander-in-chief is sufficiently engaged and cares about what’s happening. But shouldn’t the media focus …

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