Murkowski Fights for Her Life, Scott Shocks the GOP Establishment and Ben Quayle’s the Gift that Will Keep Giving

Tuesday night’s primaries reminded us that nothing this election season is as we expect it. A third Senate incumbent is fighting for her political life this morning: in a surprisingly close race Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski is trailing Tea Party fave Joe Miller by 2,000 votes with 98% of precincts reporting. The results of this …

Feds to Sue Arizona Over Immigration Law – UPDATE

As the Obama Administration continues to push Congress on comprehensive immigration reform, the Department of Justice is expected to file a lawsuit today against Arizona’s controversial new immigration law. The border state’s new law, scheduled to go into effect later this month, allows local law enforcement to question a person’s …

Arizona Saturation

The state’s new immigration law is now so pervasive in the political landscape, it’s being used as a campaign platform in faraway, borderless South Carolina. Republican Rep. Gresham Barrett, who’s running for governor, is up with this ad stating, “Gresham Barrett’s immigration plan: pass a common-sense Arizona law,” complete with images …

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