Not to Flog a Dead Horse…

But I found it a glaring omission in last night’s debate that trade was not addressed at all. The moderators managed to dwell on why Obama doesn’t wear a lapel pin but there was nary a mention of the collapse of Columbian Colombian Free Trade deal in Congress (or the fact that Mark Penn had to resign after he met with the Colombian …

The Debate That Didn’t Happen

ABC has just put out this news, like it’s, you know, a good thing:

Ratings Report: ABC News Programming
ABC News-National Constitution Center-WPVI-TV’s Democratic Presidential Debate
ABC News’ Debate Is Most-Watched of 2008 Presidential Cycle

10.7 Million Total Viewers Tune In to Democratic Debate

Program Outperforms Previous

Debate Mysteries

I missed the first part of the ABC trivia bowl; I assume that’s when they made the disclaimer that George Stephanopoulos used to work for Hillary, right?

UPDATE: Not endorsing the contents, just passing along this artifact from the Obamaverse.

In the Arena In the Arena

A Lousy Debate…plus Latest Column

I have slightly–well, a microscopic smidgeon–more sympathy for the gotcha-moderators from ABC than Tom Shales does. As Karen points out below, Michael Grunwald does a good job limning the banalities elsewhere on this site. But I think Stephanopoulos and Gibson were doing what journalists do: they picked the most obvious scabs. They …

Obamas Earned $4.2mil in 2007

Just two hours before tonight’s debate began Obama finally released his tax returns from last year. The candidate and his wife Michelle earned $4.2 million in 2007, more than they earned in the previous seven years combined. The earnings reflect the success of Obama’s two bestselling books: $4 million came from royalties alone.

As …

Sounds Familiar

HRC’s “screw them” (where “them” = working class Democrats) comment is getting all the attention, but I was struck by this contemporaneous statement by Bill:

I know how you feel. … It makes me mad too. Sure, we lost our base in the South; our boys voted for Gingrich. But let me tell you something. I know these boys. I grew up with

Notes From All Over

• “I can think of about four thousand people that will have no opportunity to attend that lecture.” [HuffPo]

• “Over here on E Street, we’re proud to support Obama for President.” [Ambinder]

• “It is a little bit disappointing to expect a detailed report on your work and to receive instead such a vague rhapsody as your last

Re: Clinton Strategery

Joe, I agree with you about the likely (in)effectiveness of this kind of attack in a Democratic primary. What’s more, it may be more dangerous to the attacker than the attackee. I was talking yesterday to a high-ranking official from an organization that has endorsed Obama, who told me that their pollster had strenuously advised against …

Leaks and Such

In a story I wrote early this week I called the dissemination in the media of the audio of Obama’s San Francisco fundraiser a “leak.” NYU’s Jay Rosen, who co-created the website that Mayhill Fowler works for, contends that it wasn’t a leak. Rosen pointed out to me that in today’s print edition of the New York Times (I can’t …

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