Vox Unpopuli

I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: We’ve already made clear who won, why do you little people persist in voting?

More seriously (though not quite): I’m shocked that Hillary could even pull in 17 percent in a crowd of DC insiders. McAuliffe and Penn must have voted at least twice.

In the Arena In the Arena


Kudos to John McCain for saying–in Iowa!–that he would veto the nauseating, mega-porkified Farm Bill, which–as usual–dumps all sorts of subsidies into the laps of the unworthy, corporate farms and gentleman farmers, at a time when farm profits are soaring.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton–who has apparently reached the point in her …

And Speaking of Superdelegates

A fun and mildly poignant piece on the undecided superdelegates in Salon today, which makes it sound as though they aren’t politically calculating so much as politically terrified:

For superdelegates, most of whom are active politicians, to choose is to lose the support of either the Obamaniacs or the Hillary-ites in their state or

Far-Sighted Follies

Yesterday, as we all know, was the fifth anniversary of President George W. Bush’s unforgettable and unforgivable “Mission Accomplished” speech on the deck of a stage set (er, aircraft carrier) off the coast of San Diego.

Now that we’re in the sixth year of an Iraq mission that has yet, and may never, be accomplished, the President and …

The Man Who Wrote the Rules

Few people in American politics have more stories — or more scars — than Harold M. Ickes, the flamboyant and foul-mouthed son and namesake of FDR’s great cabinet secretary and the man in whose hands rest Hillary Clinton’s slim-but-still-real chances of wresting the Democratic presidential nomination away from Barack Obama. Ickes’ job …

The D.C. Madam

The story of her apparent* suicide is dominating the cable channels — predictably, given the salaciousness of the entire saga. But our colleague Adam Zagorin, in his sad story on TIME.com that reveals she had talked of ending her life, also raises an important question that the feds have never answered adequately: Why were they …

In the Arena In the Arena

Pelosi: No Gas Tax Holiday

Hurray for Nancy Pelosi! She opposes the summer gas tax holiday, which means it probably won’t happen. (At least, I hope she has the votes to stop it.) The tax holiday is the worst sort of empty political posturing for these reasons:

1. Gasoline prices probably won’t fall. It’s doubtful that the oil companies will pass along the …


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