The Word from Beirut

I received a vivid email this morning from someone I know who finds himself in Beirut amid the escalating clashes between pro-Hezbollah and pro-government forces. Paul du Quenoy is a professor, most recently at the American University in Cairo, who is moving to teach at the American University in Beirut in the fall, conditions …

Generals for Sale, Slightly Used

The Pentagon has released all of the documents that it turned over to the NYT for their story on the retired military officers that play both sides of the analyst/contractor fence. TPM has some excerpts, including audio of, well, a pep rally:

It was an emergency meeting called because earlier in the month, several retired generals had

Re: Is Jon Stewart a Journalist?

Is Saturday Night Live a news show?

SNL Politics launched this week, an archive of all of your favorite broad topical sketch comedy scenes! It’s still a little underdeveloped (the actual “archives” don’t seem to work), but as the only network show that tried to correct for overly fond coverage of Obama, their sweet-tart take will be a …

Is Jon Stewart a Journalist?

No, you say? Then why, in a survey last year, was he ranked one of the most admired journalists in America? (I know, I know — many of you think “admired journalist” is a contradiction in terms). A lot of Americans get their news, or a portion of it, from Stewart and Colbert (and Leno, Letterman and O’Brien). But how does The Daily Show …

In the Arena In the Arena

Bomb Iran?

David Ignatius has an interesting column today, raising the possibility of war with Iran. In the past, Ignatius has shared my skepticism about the possibility that the Administration would jump this shark–the military is very much opposed to it–but what happens if Bush launches a targeted air and special ops strike on the Qods …

EW on W (Oliver Stone Takes Bush to the Movies)

Corporate cousin Entertainment Weekly (EW to the hip) has a great read about the making of Oliver Stone’s sure-to-be-controversial movie on the sitting President of the United States. Josh Brolin plays Dubya, Elizabeth Banks is Laura. The movie is slated to premier late this year, while Bush is still in office. Here’s the cover:

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