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How Actual Journalism Works

Commenter Terrapinion is on a really silly crusade to find out if my military sources include any of the generals who have been tarnished by their association with the Pentagon:

Of course, it is very likely that Joe Klein’s sources include many of the retired generals mentioned in the NYT article – the ones who spread disinformation to

The News from Lebanon

Herewith Paul du Quenoy’s most recent missive from Beirut, sent a few hours ago:

The settlement is touch and go. I slept very late today. Beirut seemed quiet, but there was word of fighting continuing in the northern part of the country, in Tripoli and Halba. The Sunnis are strong in the north and were out for revenge on the local

The Seige of Beirut is Lifted

My professor acquaintance Paul du Quenoy sent this Saturday. To those who have enjoyed his dispatches from Beirut, my apologies for not posting this one sooner. An even more recent one, from today, will be posted soon. Here’s Saturday’s, with the subject line “The Seige is Lifted”:

I am happy to report the situation is much better

In the Arena In the Arena

Weekend Book Club

Books by TV journalists range from the charming to the useless, but they almost always have one thing in common–they’re about the journalist in question, the fancy people he or she has met, or the unfancy family that he or she came from. But The Long Road Home by Martha Raddatz is a simply extraordinary exception. It’s the account of a …

The Giant Pool of Money

One good thing came out of the two hours I spent at DC’s only vehicle inspection station: I had a chance to listen to “This American Life’s” episode devoted to explaining — really! — the global sub-prime/credit crisis. It is exactly as funny and interesting as you wouldn’t expect it to be, a riveting narrative with distinct characters …

More from Beirut

Paul du Quenoy sent another fascinating email from Beirut a few hours ago. Here it is:

The situation continues to be very tense. This morning I was able to confirm that Hezbollah and affiliated Shi’ite militias are in control of most of Muslim Beirut. The pro-government Sunni militias were bested and disarmed with what is being

McCain to the Rescue?

Contributor Eric Pooley on the McCain global warming news the media missed today…

John McCain tried to make some news today — he pretty much came out in support of the ambitious Lieberman-Warner global warming bill — but nobody bothered to report it.

Prospects have been dimming for the climate bill, which would impose a declining cap

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Paging Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I know everyone is being nice and patient with the Clintons, and that’s as it should be. Hillary has run a fine campaign, with certain, uh, exceptions. Her policy proposals were excellent. She is, without question, one of the smartest people adorning our public life. But perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad investment for the Democratic Party to …

U.S. Sniper Program in Crosshairs

If there is only one story you can make time for today, this one gets my vote. It is by Mark Benjamin, a former colleague of mine and crackerjack investigative reporter at Salon, and Christopher Weaver. Called “Killing by the Numbers,” it tells the tale of a group of snipers who killed an unarmed Iraqi vegetable farmer named Genei Nesir …

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