Re: McCain-Obama Tiff

John McCain’s proposal that he and Barack Obama take a joint trip to Iraq is one of the worst ideas I have heard in a long time. These kinds of trips–known as congressional delegations, or “codels”–tend to be big productions. The security and logistics that would be involved in arranging for two presidential contenders to visit a war …

Obama in Good Health

Just in case anyone was worried, Obama’s in good health and has been since 1987. The campaign just put out a letter from his primary physician, Dr. David Scheiner of Hyde Park. Curious folks can see the letter after the jump. Apparently he’s still chewing Nicorette gum.

Re: Today’s McCain-Obama Tiff

Following up on Joe’s post.
In a brief interview with the New York Times yesterday Obama said he’s considering a trip to Iraq when he secures the nomination. This seemed to bow to GOP pressure after the RNC started a clock on its website counting the days Obama hasn’t been to Iraq (872) and McCain lambasted Obama for not accepting …

In the Arena In the Arena

Next Year in Iran

The overwhelming vote in Iran’s parliament to elect Ali Larijani as Speaker seems a clear sign that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is out of favor with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. As the Times notes, Larijani is a less demonstrative–and less populist–conservative than Ahmadinejad and also a favorite of the Supreme Leader. A Bush …

In the Arena In the Arena

Today’s McCain-Obama Tiff

John McCain has a half a point in today’s assault on Barack Obama’s alleged national security inexperience: It wouldn’t be a bad idea for Obama to visit the war zones, meet with our troops and their leaders–as soon as the nomination fight is over. There’s a lot to learn, if you ask the right questions. And McCain was wise enough to …

Obama Campaign: “More Than Generous”

On a conference call just now, Obama staffers just commented on the prospect of protesters at Saturday’s DNC Rules Committee meeting: “We don’t think this should turn into a spectacle.” They also characterized the proposition of seating half of Michigan and Florida as “more than generous” and a “concession” — though they, obviously, …

Hillary Conference Call 5/28

What would you ask?

May 28, 2008


Harold Ickes, Tina Flournoy and Howard Wolfson Hold Conference Call TODAY to Discuss Saturday’s DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting

WHO: Harold Ickes, Senior Advisor
Tina Flournoy, Rules and Bylaws Committee

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