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I Hate the Money Primary

I’ve got to dispute Karen on the importance of money in politics. I think that it’s less important than it’s been in recent campaign cycles for several reasons. I mean, why do politicians feel compelled to raise gazillions? To buy television advertising, mostly negative. It’s just a gut feeling, but I suspect the public is increasingly …

The Money Primary

Some of the thoughtful commenters to my earlier posting about the Kerry donors rushing to Obama have asked for a further discussion about the role of money in the 2008 presidential race, and why we in the media cover it so closely. The simple fact is, it matters more than it ever has, for reasons–mostly, a fast and brutal calendar–that …

Follow the Money: Barack Obama Edition

In a presidential campaign where the table stakes are expected to be $100 million or higher, John Kerry’s decision not to run in 2008 is turning out to be a financial windfall for Barack Obama. I’m told he is picking up some of the biggest names from Kerry’s massive fundraising operation. Just a few who have flocked to the junior Senator …

Notes on a Trial

Ana Marie Cox, Time’s on-scene reporter at the Scooter Libby trial, just emailed this dispatch:

David Addington is probably not much fun to work with. To judge by his performance in the witness box today and yesterday, he is a gruff and blunt man — and, like all good Bush soldiers, loath to share a shred of information beyond what is

In the Arena In the Arena

Broder: The Blogosphere Strikes Back

I’m so pleased to have received the coveted wanker of the day award from Atrios, whose civility knows no bounds. But slightly disappointed in the Matt Yglesias post that Atrios links to, since Yglesias does have a reputation for substance over slime.
And then there’s this from a reader:

Exactly what “little people” does Broder talk to?

In the Arena In the Arena

Rough Start

I know it’s become common practice to slag David Broder in the blogosphere. But let me say this in David’s defense: he is not an armchair pundit. Even now, at the age of 236, or thereabouts, he goes out and really does his homework, riding the buses and hitting the living rooms of voters in the crucial states. If you’ve ever wondered why …

Report from Iowa: Hill-o-rama

The brand-new Hillary Clinton presidential campaign already feels like a White House operation. Even in a state where voters pride themselves on a famously blase attitude toward people who think they want to be President, she counts as a celebrity. On Saturday, the campaign booked a school gymnasium that could fit 1,800 for her first big …

At the Rally

Protesters were waterboarding someone near Charlie Palmer’s. Really. They were pretending to interrogate a guy in an orange jumpsuit, but the rest wasn’t for pretend. They poured water through a cloth held over on his face as he lay on a steep incline, his head near the ground. He was screaming.

About five or six people were taking …

Report from Iowa: The Republicans

This post is for the political horserace fans out there in Swampland. Everyone else may want to move on to the next post:

After a day following Mitt Romney through Waterloo and Dubuque (and getting a really interesting tour of an ethanol plant–wish I could have brought my 10-year-old son), I’m beginning to wonder whether this first …

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