Rudy’s family ties

Liberal commenters to this blog have long complained that the MSM has not given the private lives of Republican candidates the kind of scrutiny that it gives the Clintons. The New York Times, which last year gave the Clinton marriage front-page treatment, grabbed my attention with this story today about the estrangement of Rudy Giuliani …

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Since you asked

A left-wing extremist exhibits many, but not necessarily all, of the following attributes:

–believes the United States is a fundamentally negative force in the world.

–believes that American imperialism is the primary cause of Islamic radicalism.

–believes that the decision to go to war in Iraq was not an individual case of …

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Self-Referential Feedback Loop–Relooped

Ezra’s response to my response to his response to Justin Fox here.
Actually, one of the things I like most about blogging is the ability to acknowledge mistakes immediately, link to others, including readers, who make good arguments, and to publish additional thoughts…These “updates,” including this one, are not signs of being …

UPDATE: A bridge and a tightrope.

In my previous post, commenter Linda wonders whether I should have been more aggressive about connecting the dots:

Just guessing here, but does it seem to you that the event was ‘long ago’ planned? Would Donna Brazile with some major league Civil Rights headliners be on the planning committee promoting Voters Rights? Since timing is

A bridge and a tightrope.

While the commentariat was going on and on last week as though the implications of the Hillary-Barack spat was all about Hollywood and who it will support, those inside the campaign were telling me that their real concern was elsewhere–with the African-American vote. (Truth be told, as far as most voters are concerned, seeing a …

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Self-Referential Feedback Loop

Let me respond to Ezra Klein’s response to Justin Fox’s delightful bit about us mainstream sorts trying to be bloggers.
Now, I like Ezra. He’s a smart guy. We have the same last name and all…But he’s wrong about this:

But in this new medium — which their editors and marketing folks keep telling them they need to compete in — they’ve

Everything old is new again.

McCain’s decision to “pre-announce” last night on Letterman gave me the political version of an acid flashback to this unforgettable moment. The move didn’t do much to help Bob Dole with the age issue, as I recall. But at least no one was waving hams this time.

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This story has everything–aluminum tubes, flawed intel assessments, John Bolton…but, best of all, it introduces a term that will, no doubt, be associated with the Bush Administration in perpetuity, a terrific title for some future history of the Bush years: Mid-certainty. In this case, mid-certainty means that there are differing …

We have arrived.

It’s official. Karl Rove said so, as noted in this report in the Austin American-Statesman:

“All major news organizations now blog,” Rove said.

He also declared most of us extinct (though he had trouble remembering the name of the news organization that, per Ana’s post below, gave the Republicans the gift of “slow bleed”):

Rove said

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