Bad Times

As Ana mentioned earlier today, this has been a particularly bad week for an Administration that hasn’t had many good ones in the past couple years. Nine U.S. soldiers died in Iraq yesterday. Hearings on Walter Reed Hospital and the fired U.S. Attorneys have made the administration look both insensitive to wounded veterans and dismissive …

Libby Verdict at Noon

So, I read the fact that the jury was asking a lot of questions completely wrong: They’ve reached a decision and it will be read at noon today.

I still think he’ll get off but I’ll be happy to be wrong about that, too.

Bush Admin Status Report

Walter Reed, the Libby trial, the war, and now, the escalating malfeasance apparent in the dismissal of eight US attorneys:

The telephone calls to Iglesias by Domenici and Wilson appear to put them in conflict with congressional ethics rules that bar contacts with federal agency officials during most active investigations.

People …

In the Arena In the Arena


I guess I’m getting old and slower, but I can’t tell whether this, from Yglesias, is ironic or not. Certainly hope so…

Because what I was thinking about was incidents like this one, in which we were introduced to General William Boykin:

Discussing the battle against a Muslim warlord in Somalia, Boykin told another audience, “I knew my

Libby Trial Update

We’ve just been alerted that “The parties have been asked to meet in Court at 4:05 p.m. today Monday March 5 to review a note with questions that the Court has received from the jury.”

This is the third note that the jury has written asking for clarification of some kind — a punctiliousness that I feel bad for not finding more …

Still Not Funny

“Half-Hour News Hour” creator Joel Surnow attempts to convince National Review readers to watch his “conservative comedy” show:

Why did you decide to create this show?

Two reasons: One, I felt that in the interest of equal time there was a real need for sharp, intelligent political satire on TV from a conservative perspective to

Stephen Colbert on “Stephen Colbert”

I just got back from the Aspen Comedy Festival, where Colbert received their “Person of the Year” award, a copyright infringement that I’m sure Time’s lawyers are pouring poring (Thank you, commenters!) over as I type. (The Aspen folks had a better coverline for their mock magazine, though: “Not You. Me.”)

Most of the times I’ve run …

In the Arena In the Arena


to my colleague Scott McLeod for apparently shaming the U.S. State Department into granting a visa to Abdulkarim Soroush, one of the most revered reform interpreters of the Qu’ran in the Islamic world.

I met Soroush several years ago, and he is truly a saintly fellow, who has suffered mightily at the hands of religious thugs in Iran. He …

In the Arena In the Arena

Because I promised and you seemed so darn curious…

A right-wing extremist exhibits many, but not necessarily all, of the following attributes:

–believes that America is always, in every instance, the ultimate force of moral authority in the world.

–believes that Saddam Hussein was linked to 9/11—even if not directly, he was just that sort of guy.

–sees transnational …

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