Meanwhile, Back on the Hill

Leahy gets persnickety with Specter’s claim that the WH has given them “something” by offering the off-the-record, unsworn, pre-scripted testimony of Rove and Meirs:

No, no, what we’re told we can get is nothing, nothing, nothing. We’re told we can have a closed door meeting, with no transcript, not under oath, limited number of people

In the Arena In the Arena

Good Luck Elizabeth Edwards

Nothing else needs to be said. She’ll fight it–anyone who’s read her remarkable book knows she’ll fight it, and live with it, make jokes about it, blog about it, and talk and listen to others about their cancers obsessively. What a wonderful spirit she has.

In the Arena In the Arena

Gore Updated

Yesterday, I wrote–based on incomplete reporting of ongoing testimony (no criticism of live-blogger Brian Beutler; the hearing was in midstream when I posted)–that Al Gore seemed to be backing away from his carbon-payroll tax swap. I haven’t seen the complete testimony, and the press reports are not sufficiently wonky to give all the …

Coming Soon to Your Screen: Real Candidates and a Real Issue.

I’m heading out today to Las Vegas, where I will be moderating a candidate forum on health care this Saturday, sponsored by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; SEIU, and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. All the candidates from both parties were invited, and the following Democrats accepted: Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, …

Elizabeth Edwards, Cathy Seipp

The pan-partisan support and well-wishes for Mrs. Edwards has have been heartening to see — the other side of the political aisle has seen a similarly gracious if less highly visible wave of sympathy for the untimely passing of columnist Cathy Seipp. I didn’t know Cathy well, but I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say that both …

In the Arena In the Arena

Hillary and Obama on Iraq Decoded

First of all, I’m sure everyone is rooting, thinking, praying hard for Elizabeth Edwards right now, and so am I…She’s one of the most candid, no-bull and fun people I know in this racket. So, holding my breath till noon…

On to the Hillary-Obama Iraq tiff, which is a lot of noise about nothing:

Hillary’s wrong to engage in a …

John and Elizabeth Edwards

The Edwards campaign last night announced that the two of them will hold a press conference at noon today in Chapel Hill. Reports are that it regards Elizabeth’s health and the future of his campaign. There are also reports that they have cancelled a number of campaign events scheduled for the near future. Our thoughts and prayers here …

Mystery Solved-ish

So the creator of the anti-Hillary 1984 ad worked for firm that worked for Obama. While some insist that this revelation proved “Obama was behind it,” I kinda believe the guy himself:

The campaigns had no idea who made it–not the Obama campaign, not the Clinton campaign, nor any other campaign. I made the ad on a Sunday afternoon in my

More on Executive Privilege

I’m not a legal expert, but my colleague Reynolds Holding is, and here’s what he has to say on the subject. I’ve seen a number of comparisons today like this one between Bush and Clinton in Reynolds’ piece:

Despite his strong views of executive power, the current President Bush has rarely invoked executive privilege, says Rozell, at

In the Arena In the Arena

Today’s Alterman

Eric, still after me–still pathetic–pulls this quote from a piece I wrote in the New Yorker in 2000:

Quote of the Day: “Given the circumstances, there is only one possible governing strategy [for George W. Bush]: a quiet, patient, and persistent bipartisanship.” — Joe Klein, The New Yorker.

But I was right about that, wasn’t I? …

Snow, Jobbed

AGate fans will want to watch today’s WH briefing, which had Tony Snow in Scott McClellan-like form (battered panda! human traffic cone!) as he tried to sell the admin’s talking points. How bad is it? He’s now gone to both Goyal (of the “Goyal foil“) AND Les Kinsolver (the crazy man). That’s known as “pulling the escape hatch” and …

The Revolution Has Already Been Blogged

Michael Crowley makes a point over at TNR’s blog about McCain’s senior moment regarding condoms (Do they prevent AIDS? “You’ve stumped me.”) and how his “old fashioned” bus-tour-talkathon is a bad fit with this whole “blogging” phenomenon:

Back in 2000 McCain sat on the bus all day shooting off his mouth about every topic under

In the Arena In the Arena


How strange am I? Sitting here watching the sun set and moon rise over the Dead Sea–spectacular lower half sliver–and following Gore’s testimony via Brian Beutler’s live-blogging. Hard to tell just exactly what’s going on, but it seems Gore has backed away from his prior support for a massive carbon tax-payroll tax swap…now he’s …

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