March of Follies

The Washington Post today is a feast for those who believe that the now-infamous neo-conservatives who brought us to ruin in Iraq deserve comeuppance, if not something far more grave. Cheney was — and still is — the godfather of the push for war, but his team of enablers included, of course, his former chief of staff (and current …

In the Arena In the Arena

Can Pre-Impeachment Be Far Behind?

Dana Milbank writes about a gathering of anti-Hillary wingnuts in DC, and I’m ashamed by my reaction–which isn’t so much, Jeez these people are mortally dreadful, but more like: Jeez, if Hillary wins, are we going to have all these zombies in our faces yet again? They represent a moment in time–the ’90s–that I’m not yet nostalgic for, …

Cheney’s Folly

That Saddam and al Qaeda were not actually working together comes as a surprise to exactly one person:

The report’s release came on the same day that Vice President Cheney, appearing on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program, repeated his allegation that al-Qaeda was operating inside Iraq “before we ever launched” the war…Cheney cited the

In the Arena In the Arena

Latest Column

In which the author has a few things to say about the Bush Administration.

NO! I am not hinting at impeachment. There are no “high crimes” here. Just a really bad presidency. In fact, I consider impeachment talk counterproductive and slightly nutso.

The Edwardses and Upselling Sympathy

Yesterday, Mary Ann Akers reported that the Edwards campaign was trolling those who wish Elizabeth well for campaign donations. The campaign’s first response was defensive: “Nobody gets an e-mail from us without explicitly agreeing to receive e-mails.” Today, the campaign has revamped the web form and will no longer be automatically …

In the Arena In the Arena

Hooray For Iran

Not really. But if Robin Wright is right in asserting that the Iranians were trying to make the point that they prefer negotiation to confrontation, then that would be excellent news, indeed…if we lived in a world where the U.S. government preferred negotiation to confrontation. Too bad we don’t.

At the very least, the happy …

Gonzales, Take Two

Does anyone else find it slightly worrisome that the Attorney General is spending almost three weeks to prepare to give testimony that is essentially a “do-over” from his first round? It reminds me of the practical reason to avoid lying: it’s easier to keep track of the truth.

And how many different ways are there to say, “I’m

Life in a Giuliani Administration?

It’s a standard grim joke in the Cox-Lehmann household to theorize about the upsides of a Giuliani presidency: guns would be illegal, there’d be Dupont Circle-type drag races on the White House lawn, gay marriages in the National Cathedral in the Oval Office*, and, of course, free abortions for everyone. And, what do you know, funny …

Foley’s Legacy

During the Mark Foley scandal last fall, there was talk on Capitol Hill about suspending, or even shutting down, the 180-year-old Congressional page progam. That didn’t happen. In fact, as Tracy Schmidt reveals in this story on, the Foley scandal has done wonders for the page program’s popularity. Go figure.

The Clinton Camp Responds

Reporters who ask Hillary’s people what their response is to Obama’s fundraising announcement get this:

“We are thrilled with our historic fundraising success and congratulate Senator Obama and the entire Democratic field on their fundraising, which demonstrates the overwhelming desire for change in our country,” Clinton campaign

Draft the Twins?

Bush, yesterday, explaining why former strategist Matthew Dowd has soured on the Iraq war:

Matthew’s case, as I understand it, is obviously intensified because his son is deployable. In other words, he’s got a son in the U.S. Armed Forces, and I can understand Matthew’s concerns.

You know, if I were Bush, I might not want to draw …

Re: Obama’s $$$$$$

I wonder which number scares the Hillary camp more, the $25 million, or the 100,000 donors. And they did it all without the fundraising genius of “the Big Dog” or the Macker.

A Swampland correspondent writes to predict the Clinton response: “We are disappointed that a Democrat would deem it appropriate to motivate so many to enter the …

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