Libby Prison Nickname Search Starts Now

Reggie Walton has ruled as expected: Scooter’s going to the slammer while the appeals process plays out.

Sure, as Joe wrote the other day, this is gratifying in a vindictive way, but it’s also, uhm, whatchyoucallit… justice! I’m all for Libby paying a “personal price” for being an architect of the war, but I also think that’s not …

Re: Take That, David Geffen

So how much does Stephen Spielberg’s support of Hillary really mean? I asked a few of the many DC refugees who now toil in La-La-Land. Their take: Not as much as you’d think. Money-wise, Spielberg isn’t much of a rainmaker; it’s not like he’ll be calling up Tom Hanks and the rest of his pals and shaking the trees for HRC. In that regard, …

God and the GOP?

When you embark on any dialogue concerning God and politics, you can be certain of raising the ire of the most religious. I came to the decision to write a disclaimer at the beginning of this post not because I’m worried about “raising the ire of the most religious”, but instead for more selfish reasons. I am fully aware when I …

Re: Romney’s Advertising Gamble

If you’re curious about what might happen once Romney is no longer advertising in a vacuum, the McCain campaign provides a web-only preview:

I’ve been hearing for awhile that the ads other campaigns are the most eager to put out consist entirely of Mitt, and this is a fine example:

You know, I have said all I need to say on that I

In the Arena In the Arena

Thoughts on Pardoning

Robert Bauer makes an interesting–if unconvincing–case for pardoning Scooter Libby over at Huffington.

As I’ve been saying, I’m against a pardon for purely selfish reasons: If Bush doesn’t pardon him, Scooter may get pissed off enough to write a tell-all memoir or drop a dime on this awful bunch.

My differences with the lockstep left …

Romney’s Advertising Gamble

As reported in the NYT this morning, Romney is spending a boatload of money running television ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and on national cable. No other candidate is on the air. Romney’s aides say the ad buys are the reason Romney has leapfrogged over McCain and Giuliani in (some) Iowa and New Hampshire polling. They may …

In the Arena In the Arena

Today in Iraq: Uh-Oh

A second bombing of the al-Askariyah mosque in Samarrah, despite the presence of Iraqi Security Forces. AP is reporting some interesting details, if true:

State television said Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki quickly imposed an indefinite curfew on vehicle traffic and large gatherings in Baghdad as of 3 p.m. Wednesday.
Just before the

Hillary Clinton: Take THAT, David Geffen!

This news today from the Clinton campaign. It follows this story last week from the LA Times, where Tina Daunt was ahead of the announcement:

So here’s the buzz these days: Clinton’s presidential bid has begun to regain momentum over Obama’s in the entertainment industry.

In fact, it’s become so strong that Steven Spielberg, once

Why I’m a Democrat

Since so many people have posted wanting to know my personal beliefs, I thought it would only be fair to accommodate those of you who took time to post the questions. These are my views and may or may not reflect John’s views.
I am a Democrat because I believe in the two principles Andy Jackson introduced to the party. Those …

Re: Shocking Political News

Okay, the percoset has worn off enough so that I won’t get picked up by the information superhighway patrol for BUI, and Jay says it’s okay to post when I’m on disability leave. So here goes:

I’d like to know what my fellow Swampers (especially you, Mudcat) think of this particularly interesting tidbit in the Post story today about …

In the Arena In the Arena

Shocking Political News

The Washington Post reports today that Hillary Clinton has a lead in the Democratic primary race because women support her.
And then, there’s this poll from the Los Angeles Times showing that the idea of Fred Thompson is stronger than the reality of any Republican but Rudy Giuliani.
Then, there’s the–cliche …

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