Speaking of Fred Thompson

Politico’s Mike Allen reports that Fred Thompson is beefing up his foreign policy cred by giving a speech in London and having his picture taken with Margaret Thatcher:

Thompson’s advisers aim to use the London events to bolster his foreign policy credentials and elevate him above the increasingly contentious fray of the GOP race.


The Mixed-Up Files of Fred Dalton Thompson

Kudos to Holly Bailey over at Brand X for digging up these, ahem, unorthodox examples of senatorial rhetoric from Fred Thompson’s papers at the University of Tennessee. First, a purplish (maybe even blue?) regret:

In 1998, when Thompson was a Republican senator and a single man about town, New York socialite Georgette Mosbacher invited

Mental Health Parity

Dana Priest and Anne Hull continue their look at the holes in the Walter Reed safety net, this time focusing on the hospital’s almost comically inept treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. The harrowing story is told through the experiences of Pfc. Joshua Calloway:

Wearing a rock band T-shirt, Calloway looked like any other

Obama: Stay Tuned

This went up last night on the South Asians for Obama website:

After reading the story, SAFO immediately went to work drafting a response to the campaign. As we were finalizing this response — but before we could send it — we received a call from the campaign in Chicago. We learned, as we had already suspected, that the memo did not

In the Arena In the Arena

McCain Sinking

It seems John McCain’s tepid attempt to woo the Republican Party base never had much of a chance. The New York Times reports that the money people don’t trust him. He was never a very convincing Bible-thumper, either. But I would guess that the single issue that has sent his poll numbersplummeting in places like South Carolina is …

Mudcat, We Hardly Knew Ye

On behalf of the Swampland regulars, as well as everyone at Time.com, I offer thanks and props to Mudcat Saunders for his blogging this week. His time here was brief but, I would say, electric — for him and for all the readers and commenters he attracted. He staged what might be the greatest comeback in blog history — having won over …

A Different Kind of Politics?

That’s what Barack Obama promised, but it sure looks the same old, uh, stuff to me. If the first casualty of war is truth, the first casualty of politics is sanctimony.

For all Obama’s public pledges to run a positive campaign, today’s NYT details how Obama’s campaign attempted a clumsy stealth hit on the frontrunner:

Shortly after the

The Rise of the Rightroots?

I can’t believe I’m using all these words in the same sentence but here goes: Patrick Ruffini has an interesting post over at Hugh Hewitt’s blog. (Gulp.) It’s about the relative power of the left/right blogosphere and he sums up with this:

Paradoxically, I wonder if this won’t be a better year for the rightroots after all, and for the

Whata week…Mudcat’s final post

This week has been quite an experience, to say the least. Monday night, I was saying to myself, “You ignorant hillbilly, how in the world did you manage to get yourself in such a mess?” Today, I can honestly say I’m glad I accepted Time’s offer.

When I told Time I would do it, my intention was to help create some honest dialogue …

In the Arena In the Arena

I’m Not Buying

Former Bush speechwriter Mike Gerson does a fairly remarkable thing in this WaPo column, attempting to conflate Clintonism and Bushism. The basic problem with this analysis is that Bill Clinton was a moderate and George W. Bush is not. Oh, Bush talked–a bit–about compassion and faith-based social programs, but David Kuo pretty much …

The Rural Motherlode… Economic Fairness

The right Democratic Presidential candidate can cut into the huge Republican margins in rural America, but that candidate must understand that the mother lode is just one shovel away. That one shovel to the mother lode is economic populism.

A recent Pew Research poll had 73% of the respondents saying. “Today, it’s really true that …

Bypassing the “Filter”

Lots of interesting tidbits out there about the value of creating your own “media environment” today. The Politico’s Ben Smith profiles “HillaryHub.com” and puts it in the context of campaigns communicating directly with supporters with highly tailored messages:

Political campaigns are learning from corporate America and big-time

In the Arena In the Arena

The Courage Primary

I’ve got a big piece in the magazine this week. The basic idea is that 2008 is too important an election to allow the presidential candidates to just slide by on the same old rhetorical dodges, that we should judge them on their ability to be courageous on some crucial issues.

Then I lay out the issues that I consider most important, …

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