Not, “Was She Booed?” But, “Why?”

Not even the campaign denies that Hillary was booed (again) this morning at the Take Back America conference. What’s got the bloggers riled up: why she was booed. They contend that she wasn’t booed because she said she supported the troops, or that she declared their mission a success but because she said the disaster in Iraq is the …

Rudy’s National Security Credentials

Josh Marshall looks a little deeper into Rudy Giuliani’s dubious commitment to figuring out the Iraq war:

Rudy has very consistently been ducking the issue for months. He’s toed the party line opposing Democratic plans for a pull out. But he ignores the entire issue of Iraq whenever possible. And when he’s forced to address he deals

Obama, Hillary, Oppo: A Journey Deep Inside Our Collective Navels

Karen just asked me to ask Swamphusband, if the Punjab memo’s substance is so relevant, why did the Obama people send it out “not for attribution.”

I can’t speak for Swamphusband, but it’s been a topic of conversation around the Swamptable, so I’ll offer some half-baked thoughts. First: The move was clearly not well thought out. If the …

Obama’s Attack

Swamphusband looks at the actual substance (!) of the Obama “Punjab” letter:

But what was it, in the end, that this horridly gauche campaign document was actually saying? That both Hillary Clinton and her husband have extensive blind-trust investments in Indian companies that outsource jobs from the U.S. to India, and that both have

Hillary and Bill as Tony and Carmela

I have no words.

I mean, seriously, I’m as speechless as a Mike Gravel ad.

As for the song itself: It’s f–king Celine Dion. THAT is what a popular poll yielded?

Clearly, Americans have no imagination or sense of adventure. And, just as clearly, that means she’s going to win.

UPDATE: They are totally giving Gravel a run for his money …

AFSCME Candidate Forum: The End.

My teevee informs me that Barack Obama was the most crowd-pleasing but that they’ll wind up supporting Hillary Clinton because she can win.

This post has been brought to you by the Conventional Wisdom Generator 3000. Beep.

Yet More on that South Carolina Poll

Jonathan Martin takes that SC poll more seriously than I do, but his analysis is interesting even if the numbers may be suspect:

So McCain actually sinks to fifth, below Huckabee, among those immigration-obsessed South Carolinians. Worse, immigration is effectively the second-most important issue to likely GOP primary voters in the

AFSCME Candidate Forum

Uh-oh… Someone let Chris Matthews moderate a debate again. And you know what that means: Questions about how candidates smell.

Sorry, that’s the Republicans. He’s doing the Dems. So you know what that means: Questions about whether or not Bill Clinton is tomcatting around.

Actually, he’s keeping really close to the union theme though …

About That South Carolina Poll

SEVEN percent, huh? Must… resist… writing… McCain.. obit… must… resist…

Why am I resisting? Let’s let our friends at Real Clear Politics do the honors of providing context:

That, my friends, is called an outlier. I’m willing to believe that the McCain camp is in trouble. Perhaps very serious trouble. But I also don’t …

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