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Restoration or Regurgitation

I’m not so sure how smart this is as a strategy. Bill Clinton has famously said that elections are about the future–and yet here they are, a deux, strongly implying that this election is about the past.

Now, I was a pretty big fan of the Clinton Administration. My book, The Natural, chronicles the substance–as opposed to the constant, …

Underreported Story of the Day

Maybe this one should be Forgotten Story of the Day. It’s the holiday season on your calendar, but the final weeks before big political contests are also the season for political dirty tricks–usually carried out well under the radar, and discovered, if at all, only after it is too late to do anything about them.

Remember the 2002 New …

In the Arena In the Arena


The most reprehensible candidate of the 2008 cycle has left the building, bestowing a nativist bouquet of thorns on the most hypocritical candidate in the field. Which leaves the most nauseating question of Iowa cacucuses: Will Tancredo’s 6%, more or less, follow their leader’s suggestion and vote for Romney–or will they cross the …

In the Arena In the Arena

The Krugman Campaign

I agree with Paul Krugman’s substantive assessment of the Obama campaign–especially when it comes to the deficiencies of Obama’s health care plan. I also agree with this formulation:

I guess I’ve been going on the view that no Democrat is not going to end this war, and no Democrat is going to start another war.

But I strongly disagree …

The War on for Christmas, Continued.

Hillary’s contribution to yule log:

Not a bad ad, really, though who labels their gifts with what’s on the inside of them? Or maybe she’s giving something to “Universal Pre-K”…

Obama’s:Personally, I’m voting for the two little girls.

And, on a home-spun note, Ron Paul’s:

I think it might be first time I’ve seen him smile.

The Hillary You Know

The chin-stroking among pundits over the Clinton campaign’s “decision” to work on making her “likable” is particularly amusing considering that we’ve been having this conversation for, uhm, over a decade.

Even weirder is that serious political journalists can discuss this “problem” without considering the kind of writing they do about …

Ixnay onway ethay Asxmay Adsway , Okay?

Off the record, rival campaigns are calling Huckabee’s put-the-Christ-back-in-Christmas ad “brilliant.” (More than one campaign used that exact same word.)

And, it’s true, as an ad, it sells Huck well — and (this is the brilliant part) — makes Mitt Romney look like a Grinch. As a political ad it leaves something to be desired. …

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