Mike Huckabee, Come On Down!

Huckabee just said the way to obtain energy independence is to offer a million billion* dollar prize to the first person to invent a car that can get 100 mpg. Between that and his gimmicky “fair tax” idea, most of his policies sound less like policies and more like game shows.

*ONE billlliiiiiiionnnnn dollars. Thanks for the correx.

Momentum and Inertia

Fred just came to McCain’s defense and tweaked Romney for having changed positions on immigration, and then Rudy piled on on Mitt as well (arguing that the program both he and McCain have endorsed is “not amnesty”). I’ve long heard from other campaigns that Romney is the only candidate that is personally disliked by the other candidates, …

The Indies

CW for months has been that independents will abandon Republicans (i.e., McCain) for the Democrats (i.e., Obama) and may not match up with, you know, facts on the ground. From the latest UNH poll, taken during and after the Iowa caucuses:

Undeclared voters, often referred to as Independents, can vote in either the Democratic or

Romney: “I Never Supported a Timed Withdrawal”

Just checking Romney’s notes:

Mitt Romney (R-MA) predicted an ’08 begin to the withdrawal of troops from Iraq on Monday. When questioned about the war in the Iraq, Gov. Romney described his three-staged vision for the war, namely, surge, support, and standby. According to Gov. Romney’s plan, after the current surge phase is completed,

Mark Penn: The Poll is Half Full!

Clinton campaign just sent this out:

Memo from Mark Penn:

Where Is The Bounce?

Two polls that had the race within a few points before the Iowa caucuses have the race tied after the Iowa caucuses.

In today’s CNN/WMUR poll, Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama are tied at 33 percent – their last two polls had Hillary up 4 points