Random South Carolinian

“My wife and I went to see Fred Thompson once. It was a good speech, but about half way through it, I was sure he’s just say, ‘To hell with this, let’s all go get a beer.'”

The thing is, I’m pretty sure that’s how all the candidates feel right now. Except Romney, of course. Insert mandatory computer/robot reference here.

The Morning After: A GOP debate in review

What did happen:

1. Mitt Romney tried to score points on John McCain, but only landed glancing blows.
2. McCain tried to soar above Romney by mostly declining to engage.
3. Mike Huckabee brought up traditional marriage, a topic he avoided in New Hampshire.
4. Ron Paul got both boos and cheers.
5. Fred Thompson hit Huckabee hard, over …

Ed Rollins Unleashed

Early in tonight’s debate, Fred Thompson claimed that Mike Huckabee’s campaign manager had declared the Reagan coalition “over.” Thompson was wrong. It was Huckabee’s national chairman, Ed Rollins, who was quoted saying that the coalition was “gone.” For the full context of the comment see here.

I saw Rollins in the hallway after the …

SC Smackdown

Fred Thompson: IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: From the McCain campaign:

Before that awesome Fred outburst, Romney made a major exaggeration…

What’s weird is that the first part of the sentence has never been utter before in the history of time. The second part….

Also, “awesome”? Awesome.

Anyway, full release after the …

South Carolina Huck-pectations

A couple hours before Republicans debate here in Myrtle Beach, Mike Huckabee got up on the back of a red pickup truck (take that Fred Thompson) and set the bar high for his campaign here. “We’ve got to win South Carolina,” he said, before about a hundred supporters, many of them dressed in white Fair Tax sweatshirts. “And you are going …

That Kerry Endorsement

The Washington Post sees former Democratic nominee John Kerry’s endorsement of Barack Obama as a setback for his 2004 running mate John Edwards. But a source close to Kerry tells me that the person who had been working hardest to get it was Hillary Clinton–to the point where her husband had personally lobbied Kerry’s brother Cam and his …

Unmarried Women: The New Soccer Moms?

Just moments after the New Hampshire primary race was called Tuesday night for Hillary Clinton, one of her top strategists told me that one demographic group made the difference: unmarried women. Single, separated, divorced and widowed women have always leaned Democratic–that is, when they vote. But they historically have been a …

“Hilariously Transparent”

The Romney campaign, having had their strategy of locking down the nomination in the first the contests go the way of Richardson, is desperately searching for a plausible rationale for their campaign as it now stands (Two silvers and a gold!). One Wednesday, they sent out a “strategy memo” from adviser Alex Gage, which argues all is

Your Brain on Politics

Much has been said and written about the moment Hillary teared up in New Hampshire on Monday, and how it turned the tide in her favor by rallying women voters to her side. But I think there was an earlier Hillary moment that was equally important and, by and large, just as misread by the political class. It came when she got “angry” …

Pelosi for Obama?

An interesting endorsement for Obama today. Pelosi’s BFF George Miller, a fellow Californian who chairs the House Education and Labor Committee, announced today he’s endorsing Obama .

Pelosi has so far stayed out of the race. But when her top advisor who also happens to be a famous champion of women politicians endorses Obama, does it …

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