Romnibus Detoured

Just got the traveling press schedule for the Romnibus, and he’s leaving South Carolina today….never to return. He’ll be competing in Nevada instead, mostly likely to get another gold, though again in a sport that no one cares about. Curling, maybe.

Meanwhile, Huck and McCain are duking it out there in an increasingly nasty way — …

Change: What Does It Mean?

Every candidate in the presidential race is promising it. But what does “change” really mean to voters? Gallup asked them, in a poll out today, and found some interesting answers. The most significant one is that “change” is not a gauzy concept to voters, but rather, a to-do list:

First and foremost, it is clear from these results that

The GOP Field in Mid-Campaign Review

Mitt Romney: He would not be a contender without being much richer than everyone else.

Rudy Giuliani: He would not be a contender without having led New York in the weeks after September 11, 2001, a fact that still defines him six years later.

John McCain: He would not be a contender without having forgiven George W. Bush after the …

Al Franken

Has put up his first TV ads in his Minnesota Senate campaign, this one featuring an absolutely adorable endorsement from someone who knew him when. I’m not at all sure that Mr. Horton, my fourth grade teacher, would endorse me for anything:

In the Arena In the Arena

The Army’s Brain Drain

Tom Ricks has the sad news that Lt. Colonel John Nagl, one of our smartest, finest officers, is leaving the Army. This continues a trend–the best and brightest, especially those associated with formulating the Army’s Counterinsurgency Field Manual–are either being passed over for promotion (as Colonel H.R. McMaster was) or simply …

Romnibus: The Glamorous Life of the Traveling Press

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