More Hillary Talking Points…

Clearly, it’s all part of a master plan. It’s just that they sound so much … lamer when you call them “talking points.” But, hey, at least they’re honest!

February 5, 2008


We’re very excited by our strong victories in Oklahoma and Tennessee.

These are the first

Dems Debating Debates

At a press conference all about lowering expectations, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe got a little peeved when asked about the Clinton campaign’s announcement today that she will be doing four more debates, calling the move a “tactic out of the second tier congressional campaign playbook so I’m a little surprised that we’ve …

Tomorrow’s Talking Points, Today!

This might be just a super subtle framing tactic to make reporters think they’re getting the inside scoop, but the Clinton campaign just sent this out to their media mailing list. Alternate theory: cutting out the middle man! Brand new spin for less!:

Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2008 7:27 PM
Subject: Surrogate Points


Super Tuesday Flotsam: Bad(?) Data, Baths, and Basketball

• Exits that I take no responsibility for but present simply as data that exists out there: Dems, Rs.

• They’re not going to Disney World. Unless that means something different for them: “We have a lot of mail,” he said to reporters as his wife Ann stood at his side. “And you know, a hot bath, what do you think Ann?” …

Hillary and Fox Debate

Earlier, I posted about the response of the Hillary Clinton campaign to a question about why they were accepting an invitation to a Fox News debate, having “led” a high-profile boycott last year.

I was typing up another part of my post when the Q&A occured, and, clearly, wasn’t paying sufficient attention:

Josh Gerstein, NY Sun: Hey

McCain in San Diego

The Governator introduced him as the man who would “say hasta la vista to wasteful spending.”

Then he said the Reagan era “will be back.”

And then he said that McCain would “crush his enemies, see them driven before him, and to hear the lamentation of the women!”

Only one of these* the things above is true.

* Damn you, unmarx! Damn …

You Said It: A Few More Reports from Those on the Ground

If you have some eyewitness accounts of doings in Super Tuesday states, please send your comments to supertuesday08 -at- gmail -dot- com

From Mass.:

On Sunday, a large pickup truck circled our neighborhood playing pro-Hillary messages over a loudspeaker in English and Spanish. I was impressed with the tactic, but didn’t really see how

McCain’s Huck’s West Virginia Win

I guess since it’s still an hour before we get any official exits, MSNBC is trying to gin up a “controversy” over Huckabee’s West Virginia caucuses win, based on the Romney campaign’s statement that blames their loss on… John McCain. As posted below, the Romney people are spinning the decision of McCain voters to throw their votes to …

In the Arena In the Arena

How to Watch Tonight

We mainstream media sorts have a tricky situation tonight: how to decide who won on the Democratic side. Because the chances are in the game that really matters–delegate count–no one will really win. For example: Who won New Hampshire? Hillary Clinton, famously, right? Only if you count the popular vote. The delegate count was 9 to 9. …

Obama: “Clinton is the Favorite”

Senator Barack Obama cast his vote in his hometown of Hyde Park, IL today, quipping: “It was close but in the end I went for Obama.” He then paused to answer a couple of questions for reporters. He played down expectations, but in the end predicted that no clear winner will emerge from today’s voting.

“I still think that Senator …

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