“NAFTAgate” started out as a slightly surreal meta-story, one in which one campaign (Clinton) attempted to tar another campaign (Obama) for operating as campaigns often do:* demagoguing an issue while tacitly admitting that they’re, well, demagoguing it. Now the Clinton campaign will have to explain why they demagogued Obama on …

Tuned In to Tuned In

I assume most readers here are interested enough in politics to realize that Time’s coverage of it doesn’t stop at Swampland’s edge. Our colleague James Poniewozik often delves into matters political over at his blog about television, Tuned In; I’m going to make more of an effort to alert you all to his wonkier side when I can. Here are

Re: Clinton War Stories

Ana, if there’s any paper in the country that has an eager audience for political process stories, it’s the Washington Post. As a former newspaper reporter myself (and, yes, still one at heart), I think this was a good call on the part of the editors.

I also would bet, given the amount of reporting that went to that double truck, that …

Clinton War Stories

There’s a quote from me in today’s WP about how “we only have so many stories to write, and we’re running out of them.” This story, also in the WP, may be kind of story that results from the primaries going on so unbearably long. The process story is not a new genre, and I have not been observing campaigns for as long as my colleagues,

Speak of the Devil, i.e., “Math”

David Plouffe personally writes me to explain!

It’s after the jump!

UPDATE: What? YOU MEAN HE WASN’T WRITING ME PERSONALLY? Shoot. And here I had thought Barack and Michelle were also my pen pals. You think they didn’t appreciate the crock pot I sent them for Christmas?

And, fwiw, I’m not as scared of numbers as the next fella. Dad sort


Seriously, I was just about to post about something complete un-hope-related, then I got this from the Obama folks:

Obama Wins Delegate Fight in Texas

AUSTIN — Obama Texas State Director Adrian Saenz issued a statement on the projected primary and caucus results that show Senator Obama won more Texas delegates than Senator Clinton.

In the Arena In the Arena

Who Replaces Petraeus?

The Pentagon is arrthymic with rumors about the fate of David Petraeus and who will replace him in command of the Multi-National Force in Iraq (MNF-I). The latest scuttlebutt has Petraeus moving on up to NATO command in the late autumn, possibly after the election. Those who like Petraeus believe this will be a prelude to his becoming …

In the Arena In the Arena

McCain’s Iraq Reset

Most of the TV commenters noted the “swiftest possible conclusion” passage of John McCain’s acceptance speech last night:

We are in Iraq and our most vital security interests are clearly involved there. The next President must explain how he or she intends to bring that war to the swiftest possible conclusion without exacerbating a

Audio from March 5 Obama Conference Call

Listen for yourself here. [Link opens an MP3 file directly, to save to your computer, right click and select “download” from the contextual menu.]

P.S. I appreciate the thanks you’ve been giving me for getting these audio files to you, but the mad props for the idea of recording them should go to The Page-ians, who generally post

Obama Conference Call for March 5

It’ll be at 1pm EST, and I’ll be on it. Once again, if you have suggestions for questions to ask senior adviser David Axelrod, put ’em in the comments. You can read up on what Axelrod’s spin/plan/guess/hope is for the campaign here. A pre-narrowed Google search here. He is probably the most nebbishy guy ever to have the nickname

Get thee to Vegas, John McCain

I have a story up today about the remarkable two-month run of luck that made John McCain the Republican nominee. To wit:

Almost everything broke his way: Mike Huckabee won Iowa, crippling the powerhouse campaign of Mitt Romney. Rudy Giuliani abandoned New Hampshire, allowing his moderate supporters to shift to McCain. Fred Thompson

Telltale Tuesday: The Liveblog

7:28 PM Sorry I’m late. Fox ready to declare Ohio! Which means… something. That it’s decisive? That someone way over or under performed? Anyway, I’m happy to get more time to study the Texas primacaucus without the distraction.

7:31 PM Okay, here’s what it means: That Fox lies. They declared the R race but, yeah, Ohio is too close to

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