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The Petraeus Testimony

I’ll be spending this week–until my Wednesday deadline–covering the Petraeus testimony for a print edition column. One of the key things to watch is if Petraeus reads Basra the same way as John McCain did today on Fox news:

It was al-Sadr that declared the ceasefire, not Maliki,” said McCain. “With respect, I don’t think Sadr would

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More on Patriotism

Pete Wehner, former chief White House propagandist for the Iraq war, has taken me to task for claiming that liberalism is more optimistic and therefore inherently more patriotic than conservatism. That takes some nerve. He would compare my statement to the constant drumbeat of right-wingnutters questioning the patriotism of those who do …

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Obama and Patriotism

This, from Obama’s speech at the Montana Democratic Party dinner last night, is a fine statement:

I love this country not because it’s perfect, but because we’ve always been able to move it closer to perfection. Because through revolution and slavery; war and depression; great battles for civil rights and women’s rights and

Oops. Another Clinton Story Turns Out To Be Not So True

I’ve heard Hillary Clinton tell the story many times in speeches, and it rarely fails to bring a horrified gasp from the crowd: An uninsured and pregnant Ohio woman, working for minimum wage at a pizza parlor, is turned away from a hospital because she can’t come up with $100. The baby dies, and so does the woman. Clinton talks about how …

America Hearts Condi Rice

A Pew Research Center poll out today attests once again to an interesting phenomenon. While everyone and everything around her is sinking into the mire, the Secretary of State continues to hold a place of high regard with the American people, scoring 56% approval in the poll.

Consider this:

Her boss is at 28%; Dick Cheney’s ratings are …

Re: Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs…


All this gloomy talk about jobs is interesting, considering how Hillary Clinton’s most high-profile supporter in the state–Governor Ed Rendell–sees the situation in Pennsylvania. He suggests that the economic picture there is somewhat more complex than either of the candidates would have us believe.

In an interview a few weeks …

Jobs Jobs and More Jobs in Pennsylvania

Commentators on my AFL-CIO posts earlier this week (this is for you, Elvis) asked what Obama and Clinton were saying on the trail in Pennsylvania. Most of the talk was about jobs, creating them, bringing them back or preventing them from leaving. I just posted this story on about how Obama and Clinton may sound different — he …

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Today in Iraq

Two of the talking points regurgitated by Bush Administration–and neoconservative–spokespeople over the past year have been: Muqtada al-Sadr’s strength is waning and the Iraqi Security Forces are getting stronger. As with almost everything that involves U.S. Iraq analysis, those projections have proved to be equal parts wishful …

In the Arena In the Arena

April 4, 1968

Forty years ago Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in Memphis.

A few hours later, Robert Kennedy delivered this brief speech to an African-American audience in Indianapolis. He spoke without notes, without consulting his aides. He quoted Aeschylus. I can’t listen to it without feeling shivers, fighting back tears, even now.

If you …

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