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Krauthammer Bombs

Some thoughts about Charles Krauthammer’s Holocaust Doctrine announced today.

1. Only Israel? Krauthammer swallows whole the Likudnik eschatology, filled with “apocalyptic” mullahs just itching to wipe Israel from the map. But he might consider checking in with some of the Sunni governments in the region, who are very concerned that …


Mike Huckabee retains a rosy view of his occasionally stunning, but ultimately losing campaign for the White House. “I kind of like to think of my campaign not as we lost,” he says, “but as the game ended before we finished playing.” So, of course, he has no reservations about starting all over.

Not that he is declaring his candidacy …

You Gotta Believe

• “[Y]’all seen this television ad on, where Hillary’s opponent says I don’t take money from oil companies? …[G]uess what? … It’s been illegal to take political contributions from oil companies for 100 years. It’s almost like saying, you know, ‘Vote for me, I brush my teeth every morning.’ Or, ‘Vote for me, I never robbed a bank.’

Principles, Principals

Ashcroft may be right that history will judge the administration harshly for its more explicit collusion in the use of torture but history might have to be the only judge: I don’t think those involved can be prosecuted under the definition of torture codified in the Detainee Treatment Act or the Military Commissions Act. (Which, the DoJ

Underplayed Story of the Day

Commenter Paul Dirks makes a nomination for a story that should be getting more attention. We should watch the briefing rooms at the various agencies for more questions about this report from ABC News:

In dozens of top-secret talks and meetings in the White House, the most senior Bush administration officials discussed and approved

Obama’s Mother

On the cover of the dead-tree TIME that comes out tomorrow is a remarkable profile of S. Ann Soetoro by our very talented colleague Amanda Ripley. The whole thing is well worth reading, and I especially love this passage:

But Obama is his mother’s son. In his wide-open rhetoric about what can be instead of what was, you see a hint of

The Thong Primary

Just for fun, to liven up this hump day:
Forget about polls and primaries, caucuses and voter registration stats. There’s a market barometer out there and it’s proven surprisingly intuitive in predicting shifts in the 2008 campaign: the thong. No, this isn’t a lucky thong or anything a candidate has worn (at least, I don’t think …

Hillary’s Secret History

These recently released videos of Hillary presiding over a Wal-Mart grand opening — along with Sam Walton himself — show a few things: Hillary becoming hammily excited (“OH HOW NEAT!” she exclaims at one point, as well as the less giddy but just as hyperbolic, “I am so proud of this company and all it represents.”), Walton

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