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Clinton Strategery

Greg Sargent over at TPM says that Clinton has gone to a 100% negative television strategy in Pennsylvania. Can’t say I’m surprised. But with a spate of recent polls showing Obama holding close to Clinton in Pa, it may be that this Republican-style “values” attack just doesn’t work with Democrats…We’ll see how hard she hammers it in …

Equal Time From Bitter Penn.

Since I posted Hillary Clinton’s attack on Barack Obama last night, I figured it only fair to post Obama’s response, which takes the surprising route of replaying Clinton’s initial attack to defuse it.

We see Clinton attack Obama, get jeered for it, and then we are told she is just more of “the same old Washington politics.” Obama …

In the Arena In the Arena

Biden on Iraq

Smart speech from Joe Biden (pdf) about national security policy today. Biden is especially good at expanding upon the line of attack launched by Barack Obama in last week’s Petraeus-Crocker hearings: that the two main threats in Iraq, the Sunni terrorists and the Iranians–are either diminishing (Al Qaeda in Iraq) or engaging in …

What House Gettin’ Snarky

Actual email from actual White House press office… Note: Irony is the weapon of the powerless. So we hope.

From: [spokesperson]
Sent: Mon Apr 14 19:13:21 2008
Subject: Speaker Pelosi really knows how to bring people together…

In fact, she has single-handedly managed to unite editorial rooms all across the nation

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Premise 1: Hillary Clinton is willing to do what she says she is going to do–take her campaign to a convention fight.

Premise 2: To win at the convention she has to effectively destroy Barack Obama’s perceived electability among superdelegates.

Premise 3: Clinton is still in it to win it.

Conclusion A: The Democratic race is about to …

Only in America. Mostly.

• “I mean, he’s young and I think people would take us more seriously with Iraq and everything…Personally, I think we’re either going to have a woman president or we’re going to have a black president, which are both amazing. Right now it’s time for change, and I think both of them are great. But [Obama] is cool. I just think

Truthiness in Action

The advent of the Internet and reported blogs has brought a raft of “fact-checking” journalism, the sort where reporters like me try to explain exactly why Surrogate X or Party Leader Y is misrepresenting the record of Candidate Z. And this is all well and good. As I have often argued on this blog, it is important for democracies to …

Really? Really?

John McCain is basing his next “tour” on nostalgia for the Great Depression?

During the Great Depression, with many millions of Americans out of work and the country suffering the worst economic crisis in our history, there rose from small towns, rural communities, inner cities, a generation of Americans who fought to save the world

Pollster’s Poll of Polls of Pennsylvania

Not horserace so much as spaghetti, really. Check out the chart here. In less than a thousand words, there’s this version: “[T]he margins reported by the four pollsters are scattered from well below to well above the trend line, making their effect on the overall estimate less powerful than it would be if they all agreed on the level of …

In the Arena In the Arena

Obama Embittered?

I’ve just spent the day watching McCain and Obama at the Associated Press festivities in Washington, DC–and it was not nearly as much fun as watching them perform out in the bitterlands, although a room filled with hundreds and hundreds of journalists would probably have a deadening effect on anyone (except, perhaps, McCain–about whom …

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