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The Great New Hampshire Heist

While most of the media have gone ridiculously aflutter over Sarah Palin’s latest diesel-powered tourist outing slash fan dance, a far more interesting caper is quietly unfolding in New Hampshire. Former New York governor George Pataki is airing a new ad on a Granite State TV station, WMUR. The ad comes from a Pataki-sponsored group …

NY-26: Voters 1, Courageousness 0

So what did the GOP loss in NY-26 really mean? For the Republicans trouble, and an opportunity to pivot to a better message as they face the 2012 elections. First, it is indeed true that special elections are not reliable …

A Republican Perspective on Obama’s Reelection Rollout

So it begins. The Obama re-elect machine whirred into action this morning with a mass e-mail to supporters. The formidable Obama apparatus will be well-funded and efficient. But there seemed to me, and my admittedly Republican ears, something a touch off-kilter about the the whole thing. While the President’s e-mail began with a mild …

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