Re: Error and Hypocrisy

I agree with Grunwald (although that’s very hard to do because he argues with you even when you agree with him). It’s annoying as hell that the Republicans are able to make political hay out of the deficit issue less than three years after the fiscally profligate Bush era came to an end. But why are they able to do this?

Because …

On Deficits and Debt, the Voters Get a Say

I wish our Democratic leaders would make their fiscal case as clearly and fearlessly as Michael Grunwald does.

To recap: Democrats are in favor of short-term deficit spending because they believe it will stimulate desperately needed growth. And they believe that growth, plus higher taxes (plus the one thing Mike doesn’t mention:

Another Debt Warning From Wall Street

The bond-rating service Moody’s has threatened to dim its outlook for U.S. Treasury bonds if the debt-limit showdown between the White House and Congressional Republicans drags on.

Although Moody’s fully expected political wrangling prior to an increase in the statutory debt limit, the degree of entrenchment into conflicting positions

Financial Sanity

I’ve always been a fan of Joe Nocera’s business writing–it’s crisp, clear, hype-resistant and moral–and today he gets to the human heart of what’s flagrantly wrong with our finance system with a column about Robert Wilmers, a regional banker in Buffalo, New York, who represents banking at its best.

NY-26: Voters 1, Courageousness 0

So what did the GOP loss in NY-26 really mean? For the Republicans trouble, and an opportunity to pivot to a better message as they face the 2012 elections. First, it is indeed true that special elections are not reliable …

Armageddon Blues

Convinced that the world was coming to an end on May 21, my wife and I decided to spend our last days–before being engulfed in the eternal fire–in Italy last week. Imagine my disappointment that the Lord’s smite schedule was …

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