Donald Trump For Sale On Conservative News Sites

The fact that Donald Trump’s name sells stuff is no surprise. (Trump Steaks, anyone?) But who would have guessed that Trump reentry into politics could have been so immediately commodified by the online press? In fact, coverage of Trump’s political ambitions has quite literally become a money-making opportunity for the right’s online news hubs.

Florida Loses Its Mind. Again.

If you think that Snooki has relationship problems because of overly strict drinking laws, or that the Bernie Madoff story is a cautionary tale about overly intrusive financial regulation, you’re probably a Florida politician. Because the geniuses who run the state have decided that its economic distress is the result of overly strict …

The Wire War

Andrew Sullivan notes the similarity between The Wire and the actual intelligence campaign to get Bin Laden. But there were also striking similarities to the war in Iraq, oft-noted by some of my intelligence sources back when that war was flaming: In the tv show, the conflict between the slow-moving, hierarchical, unimaginative Baltimore …

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