Must Reads

Morning Must Reads: December 4

In the News: Paul Ryan’s budget, what’s next for Syria’s chemical weapons, U.S. added more private sector jobs than projected, and what the Detroit bankruptcy filing can mean for California

Morning Must Reads: December 2

In the news: Obamacare; Congress’ To-Do List; Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel; Bronx Train Crash; New York magazine; Amazon’s drone delivery system

Morning Must Reads: November 27

In the news: trouble in the East China Sea; Obamacare deadline looms; Microsoft vs. NSA; campaign finance reform; a soaring Nasdaq; GOP eyes Senate takeover in 2014; Prettier in Print; Thanksgiving!

Morning Must Reads: November 20

In the News: Obama says Republicans share blame for Obamacare issues, Afghan Officials want U.S. to Admit Military Error, State Senator’s Son was turned away from Psychiatric facility in Va.

Morning Must Reads: November 18

In the News: Bitcoin goes to Washington, Nancy Pelosi: Dems will ‘Stand Tall’ in Support of Obamacare during the next election, Iran nuclear talks heading to Geneva, and the Cheney family feud over gay marriage

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