Supreme Court

Sessions on Kagan

About six minutes in to the speech Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Republican, focuses on a center for Islamic studies founded at Harvard during Elena Kagan’s tenure as the Dean of Harvard Law. An excerpt:

Around the same time that Dean Kagan was campaigning to exclude military recruiters, citing

Deal on Rolling Back Citizens United?

Politico is reporting that House Dems have reached a deal with the National Rifle Association on legislation that would force groups and businesses to disclose top donors if they chose to run ads or send out mass mailing in the final months before an election. The legislation is in response to the Supreme Court decision in Citizens …

Specter Exits Stage Left

Arlen Specter has survived a lot of things: a brain tumor, two bouts with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and five squeaker elections for the U.S. Senate. But in an anti-establishment year where the far right hates the moderates and the far left hates the moderates, Specter – whose voting record over the past 30 years is almost perfectly down the …

Elena Kagan and Health Reform

During Elena Kagan’s Senate confirmation hearing, the American public will get a sneak peak of a particularly contentious case that may reach the Supreme Court – the constitutionality of the new health reform law. Several Republican senators have already indicated they plan to ask Kagan about her view of the law’s mandate that …

Morning Must Reads: Empathy and Envy

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

John Dickerson examines Obama’s argument that Kagan, like Sotomayor, understands the everyman and brings empathy to court. It well may be her (and his) judicial philosophy, but it’s not something well-grounded in Kagan’s credentials or life story. But the purpose of the empathy narrative …

Marshalled Opposition

Updated, see below.

Jay has a bit of RNC chair Michael Steele’s skeptical response to Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination, but there’s another facet in the full statement. He implicitly criticizes Kagan for her relationship with Thurgood Marshall, for whom she clerked early in her career (emphasis mine):

Given Kagan’s opposition to

First Reactions to Kagan’s Nomination

Clearly, President Obama’s choice of Solicitor General Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court came as no surprise to many. Reactions flooded my inbox before Obama was even done speaking. Here are some excerpts – in order that I received them – of statements reacting to Kagan’s nomination. Some interesting highlights: Mitch McConnell …

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