Domestic Policy

Right-Wing Nervous Breakdown

This is becoming a rather difficult week for the wingnuts. Glenn Greenwald details the insanity prevailing among the neocons on the question of Israeli settlements. But the froth-at-the-mouth-rabidity seems to be increasing across the board…and the reason for this is the probable passage of the health care reform legislation on Sunday …

What Happened to Si Se Puede?

This has not been a good political week for the Hispanic community. Hispanic leaders in the House caved to Democratic pressure and endorsed the health care bill expected to be voted on in the House this Sunday. The Hispanic Caucus has long been opposed to the Senate version because it would bar illegal immigrants from using their own …

Abortion and Health Reform

All along, the argument over abortion coverage has missed the mark, in my view. It has been all about how abortion is paid for, when what most people would like to see are fewer abortions.

No one has addressed the question of whether reforming the health care system would make a difference in the number of abortions performed in …

The Other Public Option (Cont’d.)

I’m still going through the CBO document, but one thing that jumps out: It would shift another 1 million people out of the exchanges and into Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.* The Governors are not going to be happy. Here is an earlier look I took at this issue. Also, Kate and I wrote about this subject in a …

The Nuns V. The Bishops

Okay, fellow Catholic school alums, which side would you put your money on to prevail in this one?:

WASHINGTON — Catholic nuns are urging Congress to pass President Barack Obama’s health care plan, in an unusual public break with bishops who say it would subsidize abortion.
Some 60 leaders of religious orders representing

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