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Re: When Mitt “Repeal” Romney…

Michael, I’m reading Swampland while I’m on vacation (doesn’t everyone?), and your post reminded me of a story that I did on Romney and the Massachusetts health care plan back in November, 2007.

Indeed, he and Kennedy had been close allies in bringing universal coverage to the state. Here’s how it came about:

Coffee Talk with Democracy Corps

Democratic gurus James Carville and Stanley Greenberg were the guests at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast this morning, where they discussed the results of a Democracy Corps poll on the deficit. The results from the survey aren’t likely to inspire jaw drops: 93% of the 1,000-plus voters polled say they view the deficit as a major …

Obama To Fill A Big, Big Job

In this week’s cover story, we noted that one of the biggest challenges for the Obama Administration in implementing the new health care law is:

… filling key posts in the Executive Branch that remain empty more than 14 months after Obama was inaugurated. After all, there will be thousands and thousands of new regulations to

Morning Must Reads: TGIF

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–So health care is done for now. Congress is running off on recess and President Obama is headed to Camp David for the weekend. Everyone could probably use a rest.

–Majority Leader Reid, caught up in the moment, accidentally voted “no” on health care (again) yesterday before …

Done Deal

The House just voted 220-207 to pass the tweaked package of health reform fixes approved by the Senate earlier today and sent back to the lower chamber for one final vote.

It may be hard to believe, but after all the vitriolic town halls, the missed deadlines, the desperate search for 60 in the Senate, the thousand deaths and rebirths …

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