Domestic Policy

Thank You, Sir, May We Have Another?

The cloture vote to stop a GOP filibuster on the Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd’s bill to overhaul just failed in the Senate 57-41. The vote took nearly an hour as Senators rushed through Washington traffic to make the first vote of the week. All Republicans voted Nay. Republican Senators Bob Bennett of Utah and Kit Bond of …

Who Won the 2nd UK debate?

I need say nothing else. From Time’s London Bureau Chief Catherine Mayer:

Who won the second of the televised debates between the three men battling to be Britain’s next Prime Minister? The current Labour PM Gordon Brown? His Conservative challenger David Cameron? The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, elevated by last week’s d

Britain Re-Opens Airspace

Planes have returned to British skies starting at 10pm GMT tonight (5pm ET) as the United Kingdom allowed a phased reboot of its airports. A quote from the delightfully-named Transportation Minister Lord Andrew Adonis: “It is essential that we guarantee to the travelling public that the airlines are safe and that planes can safely fly.” …

Clinton’s Critique of Overheated Rhetoric

With the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing approaching on Monday, former president Bill Clinton gave an eloquent speech this morning at the Center for American Progress. Clinton compares the poisonous political climate that sent Timothy McVeigh to the Murrah building and the debates raging today. He warned political …

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