Senate Constipation

I don’t know if Chuck Grassley’s been having digestion issues, but he rates my quote of the day. From the Senate floor this morning talking about how the Dems plan on doing a package of popular bi-partisan tax extenders outside of regular order:

The Senate is constipated. This legislative body needs a function, a laxative.

Lieberman’s Liberation

Story today on Lieberman’s slow separation from the Democratic Party.

One detail that didn’t make it into the story:
Anyone looking for a hint at where Joe Lieberman’s loyalties lies need go no further than the foyer to his Senate offices. There the Connecticut Independent has a proud display of photos of himself with U.S. …

Kennedy’s Unfinished Agenda

Here’s a web story on Kennedy’s very full plate. In researching about brain tumors I came across some interesting, if not terribly relevant to Kennedy’s case, tidbits from the Senate Historian’s Office. There have been at least two other senators this century who also suffered from tumors, unfortunately both died in office.

The …

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