Ted Kennedy: The Art of the Deal

His reputation was as the fiercest of partisans, but his Senate colleagues, Democrats and Republicans alike, knew a very different Ted Kennedy. Here’s my story for on what made him such a successful legislator.

Not So Fast

Just as Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus was heading to the mircophones yesterday to announce that “things are looking good” for his group of six bipartisan negotiators, one of those negotiators, Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi, the top Republican on the HELP Committee, was putting out this statement:

Subject: Enzi: Deal Far From

Hatch to Vote No on Sotomayor

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, one of the top Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, today said he would not vote for President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor. The decision is a surprising blow to Sotomayor as Hatch not only voted for the last 12 nominees to the bench — Republican or Democrat — but he also …

Playing Good Cop/Bad Cop with Sotomayor?

The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are either playing a very delicate game of good cop/bad cop with President Obama’s nominee to the nation’s highest court, Sonia Sotomayor, or they’re fracturing as a conference and a large number of Rs could end up voting for her.

Races to Watch

Yes, there are other races going on outside of the presidential campaign. Here’s a rolling package that will update daily of the top congressional races (I did the Warner/Gilmore race which is not exactly a nail biter but is the Dems most likely pick up in the Senate). And for the trifecta: will Schumer get his 60 seats?

Bailout Second Thoughts

Here’s the latest from me on the financial crisis. An interesting aside: both Gallegly and Murphy were angry at the role politics, particularly presidential politics, played in process so far. When asked if they meant John McCain’s involvement, both were quick to praise McCain for standing up for House Republicans. But nor were …

Senate to Vote on Bailout Wednesday

Looks like the Senate got sick of waiting for the House to get its act together. From Harry Reid’s office:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tonight announced a unanimous consent agreement to move forward on legislation to stabilize the economy, provide middle class tax relief, create jobs, and invest in alternative energy. Tomorrow

Inside Today’s House GOP Vote on the Bailout

Here’s the latest from a looong weekend of talks. The bill is expected to pass the House today and could pass the Senate as well, though they’re racing against the Jewish Holidays, which start at sundown. If they don’t make it, final passage will likely come Wednesday.

The House vote will be a bit of a nail bite. Though, with the …

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