Brown Out

According to the Boston Herald, Brown will not run for Senate in the special election to succeed John Kerry. Massachusetts holds their gubernatorial election in 2014. UPDATE: Brown confirms.

Losing Crossover Appeal Could Cost GOP the Senate

For much of the past six months, if you asked a Democrat about Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown, you’d hear some mix of exasperation and amazement. In a state that went for Barack Obama by 26 points in 2008, Brown, …

Why Endangered Democrats Are Thanking Paul Ryan

Clearly, health care reform was a losing political issue for lots of congressional Democrats, especially those who were up for reelection in 2010. The issue helped mobilize Republican voters who managed to unseat enough Democrats to shift the balance of power on Capitol Hill. Democrats lost their Senate super majority and Republicans now …

Coburn Takes On Ethanol Hypocrisy

The Senate voted down a bill Monday afternoon that would’ve strip $6 billion in annual ethanol subsidies and get rid of an import tariff on ethanol, particularly from Brazil, coming into the United States. The measure, co-sponsored by Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn and California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, garnered a surprising amount of …

Senate Dems Distance Themselves from the Obama Agenda

The Senate votes Wednesday on a measure that would delay the “swipe fee” provisions of the financial re-regulation bill. The vote, which essentially pits bank backers against supporters of retail chains, will be close.  But the thing that interests me about it is its sponsor: Democratic Senator Jon Tester of Montana. Tester’s …

Obama & Ryan Budgets Fail in the Senate

I tend to be ethically opposed to writing about political votes — votes that either chamber undertakes simply to get members on the record. These votes have little to do with actually making laws and everything to do with millions of dollars in broadcast commercials. I can just hear the baritone narrator’s voice now: “Dean Heller …

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