Senate Nuclear Showdown Approaches Farce

Take two esteemed public servants whose power arises from their own reputations as honest brokers. Put them on a Sunday network television show with an impossible task: Argue with passion and principle for the opposite of a …

Caramel Apple

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was welcomed to Washington Tuesday like a conquering corporate hero, not the boss of a firm that has found all sorts of ways to dodge the US Tax Code.

A Real Live Filibuster!

At about 11:45 a.m. Wednesday morning, Kentucky Republican Rand Paul took the floor of the Senate to launch one of the chamber’s rarest spectacles: a genuine filibuster.

Brennan’s Ordeal: The Beginning of the End

John Brennan’s confirmation for CIA chief has prompted some interesting debate about counter-terrorism and the use of drones. While that debate has only skimmed the surface, Congress is nearly finished with it, at least for now.

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