The Senate Bill

I’m still wading through the Congressional Budget Office’s preliminary analysis of the health care bill that Majority Leader Harry Reid will be taking to the Senate floor, but here’s a Power Point circulating among Senate Democratic staffers that gives you a
basic tour of the bill, with some comparisons to other versions.


Early Word on the Senate Health Care Bill

A number of outlets are reporting that the bill that Harry Reid will take to the Senate floor has gotten a pretty favorable “score” from the Congressional Budget Office. I’ll be writing more as I get details, but here’s the email I got from one Democratic source:

Could the Senate be on the Cusp of Blowing Another Health Care Deadline?

Senate Democrats have been waiting on tenterhooks for a score from the Congressional Budget Office before they can introduce their health care reform bill and start the debate. Assuming the score comes today, the bill could be introduced as early as tomorrow. But, don’t get your hopes up for a vote any time soon. Senator Blanche …

Sessions to Filibuster Obama’s 7th Circuit Nominee

Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, today told reporters that he plans on filibustering David Hamilton, President Obama’s nominee to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. “I intend not to support going forward on the Hamilton vote,” Sessions said. “Unlike Justice Sotomayor, when asked to discuss the empathy …

The Chatty Cathy Principle

The Chatty Cathy Principle seems like a good name for an idea that has taken root in Washington: If you are willing to spend enough money, you can get pretty much anybody to say pretty much whatever you want them to. Yesterday, we learned how the drug industry, which has been spending $609,000 a day to lobby Congress to get its way on …

Our Chatty Cathy Congress

Those of us former little girls of a certain age can remember a doll that we all had to have. She was called Chatty Cathy, and if you pulled a string in her neck, she would say things like “Please brush my hair” and “Let’s have a party!”

It turns out that Chatty Cathy and the United States House of Representatives have a lot in …

Latest Installment of Make ’em Filibuster

As long-time readers of Swampland know, I am a big proponent of the filibuster. And I mean the Real Filibuster–not the make-believe ones that the little girls of the United States Senate are constantly waging, and not the occasional exercises where they pull out the fainting couches cots and pretend that they are actually going to sleep …

Let’s See How You Like It

This recess, a Democratic outside group is spending more than a $1 million on television commercials lambasting GOP lawmakers for voting against health care reform. The Foundation for Patients Rights, which is aligned with the Service Employees International Union, is planning ads in Delaware and Illinois against Reps. Mike Castle and …

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