Republican Party

A Second GOP, A Third Party or…

David Brooks has a very important column today in which he proposes a new, moderate wing of the Republican Party, standing in opposition to the Rush-Fox-Tea Party extremists. For this new political vision to become coherent, it needs three components: military domestic values, foreign policy realism, and ‘live and let live’ responsibility.

Tim Scott Tapped for South Carolina Senate Seat

Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina on Monday appointed GOP Congressman Tim Scott to fill the seat vacated by outgoing Senator Jim DeMint. Scott, who takes office Jan. 3, will become the first black Senator from the South since 1881, as well as the only African-American in the chamber.

Paul Ryan’s Rough Return

Paul Ryan’s in a bind. Even as he’s being touted as the great white hope for the GOP in 2016, he’s voluntarily strapped himself to the party’s fast-sinking position on the fiscal cliff as a member of House Speaker John …

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