2012 Election

E-mail of the Day

Who says the Democrats don’t have a coherent message on health care reform? Why, look at the message press release that just landed in my emailbox from the Democratic National Committee. It purports to be the text of an email* sent from Organizing for America Director Mitch Stewart to the OFA list, and it says:

Friend —


Vicki Kennedy Won’t Run

Despite her husband’s former colleagues’ obvious admiration for her grace under fire this past week (former Senator John Breaux — a friend of Kennedy’s and of the Reggie’s who hail from the same hometown — went so far as to tell me that, “She knows the players very well and that goes a very long way with helping you be successful in …

Why August Does Not Matter

August has been bad for Barack Obama. No doubt about it. He has been stuck repeating the same talking points for a health plan that he can’t get through Congress–largely because of dissent within his own party–while the media busies itself alternately covering the virulent, if contained, backlash to his proposal, and trying to cut …

Sarah Palin, M.D.

The former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin, better explains today why she is concerned about President Obama’s support for allowing doctors to offer living will consultations to patients with government funding. It is, I believe, a must read, if only as an exercise in logic. Palin is arguing in plain terms that doctors cannot be trusted to …

Obama’s Mexican Press Conference

For a few minutes Monday, the cable news networks turned live to a presidential press conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, an event most American viewers experienced as a brief respite from the regularly-scheduled health care reform horror show–the looped videotapes of angry protesters screeching at town hall meetings, the attack ads …

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…

Sarah Palin, via her Facebook page, is the latest to spread the most bizarre rumor about what is in the health care legislation that is being drafted on Capitol Hill.:

The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his

Cash for Clunkers?

The House is racing to get outta Dodge this afternoon and despite rampant senioritis on the Hill, Speaker Pelosi kept enough members here long enough to pass H.R. 3435 to provide an additional $2 billion in stimulus funds to the wildly successful cash for clunkers program. The vote was bipartisan, passing 316-109 with six voting present, …

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